Take me away(Dan Howell X reader) Trigger warning

Melody Jobs a smart girl and an overachiver with a low self esteem she moves in with her Best friends Dan and Phil while there she develops a crush on Dan but Dan has a girlfriend her name is Brittany McKee her arch enemy.Brittney eventually leads Melody to a suicide attempt and anorexia but will Dan save her?


20. Making friends

Melody's POV:
I was walking on the streets of London with my Starbucks in hand, alone.Yes it was very cold, but I had to get out of the flat. Someone bumped into me, making me fall. I gave out a surprised yelp before standing back up. 

"Oh no, I am so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was going and...Wait, you're Melody Jobs."

"Yep and it's okay," I said realizing it was my best friend from school.

"Wait, Allison?"

"Yep, and I go by Ally now."

"Really?! Well, we should hang out soon."

"Yeah! Oh, here's my number (random number)."She said.

I got out my phone and put in the number and told her mine.

I headed back to the flat and as soon as I walked in I saw Dan and I said, "I have another friend!!! I'm not lonely!" 

"Cool what's their name?"


"Cool," Dan said

I sat down on the couch with Dan and put my head on his chest and looked up."I can hear you heart beating; it's like bum bum....bum." We both bursted out laughing. Dan kissed me on the top of the head, running his fingers through my hair. 

"I'm glad you're making friends. I hate seeing you so sad all the time..." His voice trailed off and he looked down at his lap. My brow furrowed worridly and I sat up, turning to face him. 

"Dan, what's wrong?" I asked softly, holding his hands in mine. He simply shook his head and smiled. 

"I'm fine, Melody," he said. I was about to retort, but he interuppted me with a soft kiss. I kissed him back and we seperated after a brief moment. As I looked at Dan, I could tell something was bothering him. He was keeping something from me. But what?

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