Take me away(Dan Howell X reader) Trigger warning

Melody Jobs a smart girl and an overachiver with a low self esteem she moves in with her Best friends Dan and Phil while there she develops a crush on Dan but Dan has a girlfriend her name is Brittany McKee her arch enemy.Brittney eventually leads Melody to a suicide attempt and anorexia but will Dan save her?


1. Chapter !

A/N~this is Melody alternative-colored-hir-colorful-colorful-hair-coloured-hai.jpg (215×185)

Melody's P.O.V
I was finished putting all of my shit into Dan and Phil's s on the door it was Phipare room.I was moving in with my best friends; what could go wrong? Well, actually a lot could go wrong, excpecialy with Brittney, Dan's girlfriend.Me and Brittney are enemies mostly because of school. She hates me and I hate her. Isat down on my bed, thinking about my past and then I had a flashback.
I woke up today was my birthday so I walked into the living area and saw my mom hanging there and her face violently bare I took the note and unfolded it with care while thinking to myself how could this be fair.......
Melody's P.O.V
My thoughts were inturupted by a knock it was Phil asking me if I wanted to go to Starbucks with him and Dan.I gladly excepted so I got ready and we headed for Starbucks. I got a frappuccino and that was it. I didn't want to eat because I know I'm a fat ass well...at least that's what Brittany calls me.After we got back to the flat I sat there in my room cutting.I like to see the blood because the blood tells me I'm living.I wiped the blood from my legs and then I took a nap but then I woke up to Dan asking if I wanted to play Mario Cart because I was the only one who could beat him every time.I said that I didn't want to play right now but I would later. 


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