Is this love


4. Violence

Her name is Molly.

Since the age of nine Molly had been in love with this one boy ... Ben. They used to get together and he used to cheat, even at the young age of 11 he broke her heart by cheating on her. At the age of 13 they got back together and at first it was great: he was loving and kind. She lost her virginity to him at a young age even though he was 2 years older. However after about a year he became possessive, he wouldn't let her go out without him, he was constantly by her side, and always wanted to know who Molly was with and what she was doing even at school. If he ever found out a boy had been near her he would instantly think the worst and beat them up. Molly became tired of all this and she admits

she was no angel throughout there relationship.

She was petrified of him. Molly took beatings off her boyfriend at the age of 14, he would kick her on the floor, punch her in the face, he even broke her fingers. But yet Molly stuck up for him after each one thinking he would change, but he never did. After two and a half years of there relationship he started taking drugs then he threatened to kill her and that was it, Molly believed he would and decided to end it for good.

It has now been 8 months since they have been finished but the ordeal still goes on ...

At first She had prank phone calls, that escalated to him coming to her house with slit wrists and saying he had cancer, that then went to him beating up a new boyfriend which ended the new relationship.

He then started scratching her siste'rs car, breaking into Molly garden, hiding in her street and giving her mom and herself verbal abuse on numerous occasions as well as the constant phone calls. Every Saturday something new happens which breaks molly down further.

They have called the police but nothing has ever been done and he is now saying he suffers for a psychological disorder and hears voices which tell him he should kill Molly and all of her family.

He is pulling Molly's life to pieces and She does believe one day when he gets hold of Molly, he will kill her. But for now her advice is to all the people out there who have been treated wrong even if it was just the once don't stand for it.

It doesn't stop and won't get better, please even if it's not what you want.

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