Is this love


3. Overpowering

Her name is Sarah

Sarah is an ordinary girl who likes her family her school I am and her friends. It was just any other Day when Sarah had to go to school as she usually did she waited for her boyfriend but she was running late but her boyfriend still waited for her. Once she had got out the house she locked the door and went to Robert her boyfriend. He he grabbed her shoulder tightly not like normal and said where have you been I have been waiting ages Sarah replied sorry I was running late. As she asked Robert to get off her shoulder he just got tighter and tighter but as she screamed, he let go and stood back. Sarah walked to school by herself with out Robert. But Robert followed after he he turned around and saw Sarah's mum through the curtain staring at him he stopped and waited for Sarah to leave the street and then proceeded.

As she turned the corner to get to school Robert pullback her shoulder for the second time and whispered in her ear you're not going anywhere. Mr Patterson Sarah Science teacher asked her if she was okay. Robert sharply said yes we fine as he looked at Sarah with an angry look on his face. And she nodded. Sarah then walked with her friend Linda she decided to leave Robert.

Robert did not like this one bit and run up to them and tore them apart from each other and took Sarah from Linda. Thomas one of Sarah's friends tapped Robert on the shoulder Robert swung round to Thomas. Sarah sneakily ran off with Linda into the girls toilets where she told Linda what happened on the walk up to school.

She told Sarah to stop making up such nonsense and went out the bathroom. So Sarah was now alone as she slowly made her way out Robert was there, face even redder then with anger.

It was your first period of the day having not seen Thomas since he stopped up to Robert and Sarah was sat next to him in maths and he had to huge black eyes. Sarah asked where did you get that from Thomas replied sticking up for you

Robert did this Robert was responsible Sarah felt guilty and sunk in her chair. Robert had changed that day it was like he gave up on life and that he just snapped it wasn't the true Robert.

after school Sarah walked home without Robert alone that's when she saw him at the other end of the street smoking he follows her to her house and won't leave her alone. Until she closes her door in his face.

The next day Sarah leave before Robert gets to here house and legs it to school she is with her friends like Sandra and bella who are her best friends and Robert once again comes over and tell her to come with him then she obeys with a frown on her face and head down. In the next hour of class Sarah goes to sit down next to her friends in history but again Robert clicks his fingers at her and orders her to sit near him where he riches her legs and thighs but she moves to the table to the side of her and begins to cry quietly the teacher comes over and asks if she is all right Sarah looks at Robert and does what he says and she shackles her head to say that nothing is wrong the teacher tell her to move to the table with bella and Linda on as she makes her away to the table she gives a sigh of relive that she didn't have to worry about Robert for now anyway.

On Friday the last day of school Robert waits for her at the end of the and marches her to his house against her will he demanded that she would take off her cloths for his fun and he got out his phone but she refused and ran outsid robert grabbed her hand and she swung round and hit him he let go in pain and chases after her an innocent an ran and rugby tackled Robert turned out it was Thomas to save Sarah when Sarah called the police and when the police came to take him away for many charges of harassment and in some cases Abuse.

The final words Sarah sad to Robert was " you know what your problem is your to overpowering" and that was the last she ever saw of him again. And then she turned to Thomas and kissed him on the cheek and wandered into the sunset holding hands together.......

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