Is this love


2. letting go

His name is James

it was his birthday it was going well so far his parents sat him down and told him that his grandad had cancer and that he might not live.

James tore from his parents arms that shielded him from the bad things. He ran up stairs and cried. His mum creeped upstairs and touched his arm he pushed her away. And pushed her out side and slammed the door. He could hear his mums back slide against the door to the ground and cried.

He scanned the room for something anything he didn't know what then he stopped and looked at the mirror the was a empty glass by the side of him, he picked it up and smashed it against the mirror. He picked up a piece of glass and began to cut his wrists.

Paramedics rushed in his home and up into his room were they saw his lifeless body. A women came to them in a black suit blonde hair and a pointy nose and she asked load of question like where you not paying attention?do I have to report this as neglect? What happened?

30 minutes later James awoke for his slumber.where there was his mum holding his hand and the women that was at the scene was there. The lady asked if James wanted to live away from his parent but as she thought James said no and the lady was never seen again.

He walked out of the hospital head down low and if by chance he decided to look at his parents. but as he feared they were mostly ashamed of him and that hurt him. And from that day on he vaud that he would never do the same thing he did that day ever again.

That same day he used all his birthday money and gave it to a charity that he felt close to 'cut cake not wrists' and encourages all over the world to do the same.

In his black suit, black tie and black trousers James lays the bouquet of flowers on the wooden coffin and thought of the times that he had with his grandad but every tear he wiped it felt like he was wiping his memories of the times they had together but he had plenty of memories in his heart. The final thing he said to the coffin was "rest in peace "....

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