Percy Jackson - Book 1 - The Lightning thief

Percy and his friends embark on a mythical adventure looking to find lord Zeus’s Stolen Lightning staff crafted by the ancient community of Cyclops.
Will Percy and his friends find the Zeus’s Staff or will Percy be burned alive in the throne room?


1. A Bad Day

~~Percy awoke to the mid morning sun to the sound of beeping car horns and Factory noises.
‘Damn I slept in again.’ He thought, ‘why didn’t mom wake me up?’
As he gracefully got out of...CRASH BANG...let me correct that he clumsily fell out of bed he got up and wandered down the stairs carefully as not to fall down the stairs as well as out of the bed (That would’ve been a bad start to his morning.)   He trudged into the living room to find his mom sitting on the edge of the sofa warily staring out of the window into the centre of Manhattan. He swore every time she did that she could see into the future nothing is that interesting in Manhattan xept from that park...or not.
“What’s the matter?” Percy asked.
“You’re staring out of the window again.”
“Am I...”
“Mom, just tell me what’s the matter?” Percy said starting to lose his patience, his mom didn’t reply, so instead of him awaiting an answer that he knew he wouldn’t get, he mooched into the kitchen to make his breakfast. This process felt like years! First he had to get the cereal out the cupboard (easily took about 100 years) then he got out the milk and poured it into the bowl in which he had already put his cereal in (another 200 years) and then he got a spoon that knowing Percy took about 50 years. Then he walked back into the Living room to find his mom sitting in HIS seat! Watching...are you ready...Eastenders. “Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh!” Percy whined,” Mom I’ve just awoken from my mythical land of bed can I not watch what I want to watch?!”
“Go upstairs and watch on your T.V Percy.” His Mom replied, Percy knew better not to argue back when his mom used his name after a sentence he learned the hard way. ‘I heard that as you get older you go back to teenage stage so maybe his mother was just having an adult rewind.’ Percy thought. So Percy did as he was told he watched his T.V...

Percy had always wondered why his mom would spend countless mornings this month staring wistfully out of the window. He was getting worried. It was time for her to tell him he was now 16 years old he deserved to know what was wrong with her. So he put his foot down hard he was going to go downstairs and confront his mom...after he had done his homework because his mom would flip if she found out he hadn’t finished it.
So later that day he sped downstairs and talked to his mom, after a while he was so close to getting an answer so he kept on pushing her for one.
“Mom...what is the matter. You have to tell me I’m getting worried I have the right to know what is wrong with my mom!”
“Fine...The truth is your a-a-a Demi-God son of Poseidon. A few weeks Ago the Gods have seemed to have lost contact with us not a single work from then for almost a month and I’m getting worried what is something has happened? I always think after all they normally have fights with the lower down Gods...the last time this happened one of the Gods got pulled limb from limb we have to help them! My suspicion is that something has happened to Apollo and Artemis... “
“Who are they...”
“Apollo is the God of fortune telling and communication as well as poetry and cetera and Artemis the Goddess of child birth and hunting and other things but they are her main priority.”
“ I...I still don’t understand...”
“It’s too dangerous I will take you to Demi-God base I’ll explain on the way there it will be dangerous but I will get you there.” 
It was a long and tiring journey but by the time they were half way Percy knew everything...
When the stopped off at a gas station his mom walked behind the car to fill it up so Percy went out to go buy some snacks for the journey, When he came back his mom was on the phone...Percy was waiting for ages and when she got into the car she didn’t start up the engine. ‘Well this is odd.’ He thought...
” Who were you on the phone to?” Percy asked.
“Well do you know how I told you that all young demi gods will have a guardian...”
“Well yours was Gordon. His real name is Grover.”
“Wait so I’ve been Best Friends with him my whole life! How did he keep that secret from me for hat long?”
“Well let’s just say this was a life and death situation Gordon, or should I say Grover, knew that he would never tell you something that could kill you neither would you too him.”
Later that day after they had been waiting for sometime Grover turned up although something was not quite right as Percy noticed. Instead of human for his bottom half he had a goat half body and he had horns on the top of his head!
“Hi Percy.” said Grover quietly.
“H-h-how come your li-like that?”
“Well.” Grover started.
“Ever since I was a child I was not the same as the other kids they were all quite timid and scared to do things where as I would jump around mustering as much energy I could to have a good time. I always walked home by myself since the age of three. I was always way cleverer than other children I could read a full paragraph of Shakespeare and understand where as they couldn’t read a word....”
“So that just sounds like a really clever kid.” Percy butted in.
“The point is I found that at the age of 4 that I was a centaur a mythical Greek creature half man half horse although my breed is their cousins so we mostly call our selves centaur. "


They all sat in silence on the way to the camp until disaster struck...

"STOP!" Cried Grover

The car screeched to a halt but not quick enough. The car had collided with a strange black creature on the road. They the car too see what it was they found what looked like a horse at first sight but as they got closer it was a cow. All of a sudden there was an almighty crash and another cow landed inches away from Grover.

"Get in the car...QUICKLY!" Percy's Mom shouted.

They all ran for their lives for the car more and more cows hitting the floor behind and in front Percy only just managed to dive out of the was to avoid getting hit. They were in the car safe. Or at least they thought they were...

A giant figure came stomping down the road demolishing everything in its path.

"Oh No!" Grover whispered and he cast a worried glance at both Percy and his mom!

Before he could explain why he was so worried there was a loud BANGGGGG the monster had picked up the car and started to crush it.

"GROVER BREAK THE WINDOW!" Screamed Percy's mom.

Grover with almighty force brought back his feet (or should I say hooves) and smashed the window.

"OVER THERE!" Shouted Grover.

They all ran towards the forest the monster had emerged from. His Mom sprinted through the forest as if it was her own home, she knew the path well.

"Percy, Grover. Over there can you see the torches glowing over there!" His mom said breathlessly.

They nodded their heads.

"Follow that trail, and don't look back. I'm right behind you."

They all ran. At the end of the path they came to a sort of tribal gate way. Percy and Grover got through easily but Percy's mom stayed behind.

"MOM come on!"  Said Percy.

"I can't...I'm not like you . Go on Percy you cannot save me now I will be fine. I'll come and visit don't worry..." His mom said through tears

At that moment the monster came crashing through the trees and grabbed Percy's mom round the waist.

"MOM!!!" Screamed Percy.

"Don't worry I'll come back." Said Percy's mom just loud enough for them to hear.

Then it took her away.

"What was that thing?!" Percy asked Grover through tears.

"A-a-a Minotaur." Said Grover.

"I could've saved her." Said Percy properly crying now," I could've sav-v-ved her..."

"C'mon lets keep moving." Said Grover shakily.

They turned around and saw a swarm of Teenagers both men and women coming towards them.



To be continued...

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