Bad Boy Diary

Oh well hello! My name is Asshole Christian Andrews and I'm 17 an teenager what could be better than this? Well.... Being an asshole too!


2. Me? A Hero? Please....

12:27 AM

Well you see there's a party hosted every year by the cheerleaders after they OBVIOUSLY are god damn rich chicks who don't care where the money come.

The guys are usually coming at these parties with Ferrari or Porche but I'm coming with a bicycle, as I told I'm not that rich.

The one of the single bad parts of this is the road, because is getting you in the MAZE OF MANHATTAN full of criminals and gangsters.

I shouldn't be afraid because I always had my little help here. Well a gun I can say....

NO NO GOD I haven't killed anyone, but what are the guns for? I was feeling so insecure so I bought it thinking that I was protected but I wasn't.

"Get off Jacob!" As I heard the name my hands start shaking like crazy and for the Twilights ladies I wasn't talking about Taylor Launter as a dog just my old hated friend Jacob Grey.

I was just riding thinking that I'm ignoring the sounds but I couldn't. I turned my head to see Jacob and a girl against the wall, maybe he made a girlfriend but she wasn't happy.

I get off my bicycle and screamed to Jacob:

"Now you're stealing girls from the street, motherfucker?"

"Do you have a problem with that sucker?"

The girl was feeling uncomfortable with Jacob I could feel that. I walked past him and looked in his stupid brown eyes.

"Come on Jacob, get the fuck off from the girl!"

"Don't make me beat your ass again!"He said.

I ran to him and pushed him down on the ground when he woke up and punch me in my face, he smiled when he saw my blood flowing from my nose.

"Run!" I said to the girl but she was just standing there terrified from our fight.

I knew he won't let me go so when he was down again I gave him a kick in the stomach to end the fight.

"You're bleeding!"She said.

"Well it's just blood, it'll be okay.Hey I have 10 Dollars in my pocket do you want to grab a drink?"

"Thanks, I think we should go home, and again thanks for being a hero."

Me? A hero! Please...

" Let me walk you home.By the way, I'm Christian."

"Alright. I know who you are, we have 3 classes together.I'm Alice.


"What's with you and Jacob?" I said as walking past her.

"Well he's my ex, we broke up two weeks ago and in my road to Angel Party the cheerleader I saw him and he tried to rapped me but you were there."

"Oh, yes he's an asshole, I almost forget that."

"You beat his ass really hard!"Alice said laughing."Well that's my stop, thanks again."

I turned and continued walking to my house, Fuck WE'RE on the same STREET and I didn't even know.

1:06 PM

Oh god. I need to climb to my bedroom again, I was expecting to see the lights off but they were on, SHIT! I looked at my window and saw it was closed.

I entered the front door and saw my parents and my sister waiting in the hallway.

"What do you think you're doing Christian?" My father said.


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