Bad Boy Diary

Oh well hello! My name is Asshole Christian Andrews and I'm 17 an teenager what could be better than this? Well.... Being an asshole too!


1. I'm an asshole

Fuck you diary 31.11.2015

Well sorry for beginning with fuck you diary but I'm not the type that use DEAR.

I'm going to tell something about me I'm an asshole and I'm proud of it, everybody calls me asshole but what's the big deal I don't understand? Maybe I slept with some girls,made someone cry isn't this what are the teenager supposed to do?

OK now that you know my middle name let me say the other ones. Christian Asshole Andrews pleased to meet you!

I was born in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the country where everything is possible but better than this I was born in NEW YORK the city where again everything is possible!

Hahahaha, such a lie! We were almost poor after I was born so we moved in Germany when I was 4! The single words I knew were Heil Hitler after a movie that I watched with my father and i thought it means HELLO!

But when I tried to buy an Ice cream it all went shit!

"Heil Hitler! Chocolate!"

The man with the ice cream looked at me and started talking in the language the I didn't understood.


I think this is the best translation that I could write.

I was feeling AWKWARD and my face was like 😑 THE FUCK is this man telling me?

Well when my father had enough money earned here we moved to Manhattan, because he earned a job and I was crying every night because GERMANY SUCKS.

I, I was 4 please don't take this serious! JUST KIDDING! God you see I'm an big ASSHOLE!

After some years when I was 12 MY SISTER born and at the same time the devil came on the world again. 😫 No please give her to Adoption!

She was a disaster, a big mess but she was sooooo cute or this is what my parents said.

What night of sex could bring such a monster on the world?

Okay now that I finished with my past let 's look in the future:

I am actually writing this stupid diary because my mom said writing will help me at English and she would buy me a new iPhone 6 if I take an A at english.


Oh I forgot and I'm 17 and the monster is 5 she knows how to talk and this is bad! 😵

"What are you doing?!"

"None of your business devil go fuck your little disney princesses, okay?"

I took my backpack and climbed outside the window, oh yes I forgot to tell that I'm running every night from home.

"I'm gonna tell mommy !"

"Look 5 dollars are okay?"

She looked at me and took my money running happily on the stairs.Im gonna pe poor because of her, anyway here comes the asshole!

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