The Blur

This is a story about a girl and The "Hero" of central city. When Alex meets the Flash, she's fascinated and wants to learn about everything that goes on with him. Over the last 5 months she has earned the title of The Flash's #1 Fan Girl. But what happens when she finds out the "The Flash" is her best friends Barry?


3. Why and Who

*Alex's P.O.V*

He has to be someone from near by? right? The Flash has only been spotted working here, no where else in the world. And someone would have to see him if he was going back to his home anywhere else. So CentralCity, that's where my research starts. He seems to always be alerted when a crime is happening, so maybe he was working with the Police station…. Maybe. But the only time that the Flash had been active, is is after the accelerator fiasco. So maybe, just maybe that was the cause that had triggered his actions, or the cause that had turned him to helping CentralCity. Ugh! So much information to take in for today. 

I got up out of my office chair, and went to the kitchen part of the building. I grabbed a cup of coffee, and went back to my desk. I was so tired today, and it might have been from staying up till 3:00 am, researching for my blog.  Oh Well, I have to work on the case of the bank robbery for the local newspaper.


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