The Blur

This is a story about a girl and The "Hero" of central city. When Alex meets the Flash, she's fascinated and wants to learn about everything that goes on with him. Over the last 5 months she has earned the title of The Flash's #1 Fan Girl. But what happens when she finds out the "The Flash" is her best friends Barry?


2. Not a Surprise?

I finally made it back to my house that I've been sharing with my best friend Barry, a few hours ago. I looked up when the door opened, and he had finally arrived. I got up, and grabbed his hand, pulling him to the couch.

"Well, hello to you too Alex." He said, chuckling.

"Hi Barry, I really need to tell you something, and you're going to be SO happy."

He looked at me, and he seemed excited.

"I. Got Rescued. By The Flash." I said, and his face dropped. He didn't seem very happy anymore. 

"I- umm Yea. That's Great ALex." He stuttered, faking a smile. 

"What's wrong." I asked, looking him int he eyes. His only response was him shaking his head. 

"Listen Barry, I've lived int he same house as you for 11 years. I think that's long enough to know when you're upset." 

He shook his head again, and I got up. Why wasn't he excited, or at least happy for me. This had been my dream since the day the world discovered The flash. To meet him, and Barry knows this. Oh Well, he might have just had a bad day. Maybe he'll come around later. 

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