The Blur

This is a story about a girl and The "Hero" of central city. When Alex meets the Flash, she's fascinated and wants to learn about everything that goes on with him. Over the last 5 months she has earned the title of The Flash's #1 Fan Girl. But what happens when she finds out the "The Flash" is her best friends Barry?


1. The Freak Accident

*Alex's P.O.V*

I sat down in my office chair, and because it was after work, I can start on my blog about this awesome character that has been saving CentralCity. My blog had everything about how many people he has save, how many places he has visited, and how active he has been on a monthly basis. I really want to meet him, but I never can get there faster than the Flash. Pun. I sighed, and continued writing about his mission today, saving a 10 year old boy from a house fire. A loud crash came from down stairs. Another followed, but no one was here. Everyone had left about an hour ago. I ran down the stairs, and said loudly

"Is anyone there? If so, who are you?"

Another crash, and a voice

"All your money, now." 

"What?! No!" I yelled loudly. I then ran up the stairs. Loud foot steps followed me. All I saw was a flash of lightning, and I was in a different place. 

"Stay here." A male voice said, and I nodded. Another streak and he was gone. My only thought was,

"Oh My God! I just got saved.. but the FLASH!"

but what I really should have been thinking is,

"How am I going to get anywhere?! And I'm in a place where I've never been before."

But of course not. I was WAY too excited. I HAVE to tell Barry. He'll never believe this! All his life, he believed in the impossible, and the super natural, but once he finds out that his best friend was rescued by a SUPER HUMAN. He's going to go crazy. I was torn, because The Flash said to stay here, but I think he just meant that I should stay away from the scene… but my laptop. I've followed him for months now, I'm sure he's heard about me, and if he has than I'm not staying here. 

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