I'm Your Maid, Not Your Ladylove [Wattpad]

Zac had it all, the money, the muscles, and the devilishly handsome good looks. Girls, to him, were like the free tomato ketchup sauces from McDonalds. Easy to get, free, and after he used them, he just threw them away.
Myah on the other hand, had nothing, she was broke, no job, no life. Boys, to her, was like seeing something attractive without desiring it.
This story is not suitable for people below 16 (Unless your eyes lost their virginity). Anyway, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED muahahahaha
Copyright 2015 // hotguyssaywhat


6. six [please don't go]

Chapter Six: Please don't go

a/n Hey guys! I just wanted to say sorry for making you guys wait long xD My exams start next week so I might not be updating for next week. However, I may update double this week so let's see how this chapter goes! (Sorry It's a short chapter, I wrote it during a party. xD


My heart was in my mouth. The water from his hair dripped on my thigh bit he hardly seemed to notice. He was dangerously close and I feared if we were in this position any longer he would've taken my virginity with his eyes, which made my knees wobbly, even though I was sitting down.

His eyes darted to my mouth and then at my eyes. I read somewhere that that was a universal sign that the guy was going to put his lips on yours.
Whose sake was he doing this
for; me or him? He was leaning in even more and I could hear my heart beating from my ears. His eyelids dropped gracefully, as I bit my lip, the pain reminding me where those luscious lips had been.
And I didn't like the thought of it.
"Zac..." I said, his fluttered open from their closed state, his green eyes meeting mine. I needn't see the rest of his
face, his eyes told me his expressions. Hurt. 
"we should go. Madame
falkov will be mad. I'm two hours late."
"oh yeah of course" he hesitated and I wondered what was going on in his playful head of his. 
"Myah! this is unacceptable!  You are two hours Late! What are we tripling your salary for?"
"I'm sorry, Madame, I-" I stammered, squirming to find an excuse. 
No way in hell would I tell her I was with Zac.
"Don't worry Fal, she was with me I asked her to help me with my History homework."
"Very well," she said, clearing her throat, "You shall clean the bathrooms now. Start with Mrs. Strattons, then you have 8 more excluding zac's and body's."
I nodded, and Madame Falkov left. In the living room now was Zac and I. The atmosphere was extremely awkward. "thanks" was all I said and buzzed off to the cleaning rooms to get my supplies.
Kneeling by the toilet bowl, the doorbell rang. Dammit, I just started with the soap! Grumbling, I threw the scrubbing thingy and took off my glove.
Speed walking to the main hall took
me, at least, seven minutes.  I smoothened out my uniform and let out a sigh as I opened the door.
A girl with the
body of a model and expensive clothes stood by the door. She had a pair of sunglasses sitting on top of her head, and a leather handbag hanging from her left arm. Her nails were beautifully decorated and her face was caked on with makeup.
Her shoes
were, at least, five inches tall and her legs were so long and flawless.
But I didn't care of what she
appeared to be. The only thing that bothered me was what she had asked Me.
"Hi, are you the new maid? I'm Holly. Do you mind getting me some tea? No sugar please, I'm on a diet." she smiled sweetly.
"On and- do you know where my boyfriend Zac is?"
Oh hell no. She can get her own tea.


Biting my lips and ignoring the fact she had just called Zac her boyfriend, I decided to plaster on a fake smile and did what she said- after all, I was their maid; I wasn't allowed to interfere with my employer's son's love life whatsoever. This was just stupid. People cannot change. I had better give up before hell breaks loose.

I jogged up to Zac's room where I could hear music blasting from the closed door. He was listening to The Weekend- one of my favourite singers. Twisting the doorknob, silence ensued after he turned off the music. He was laying so perfectly on the bed, as if he was just enjoying life, he needn't need to care about anything else, for he was rich, filthy rich.

And I almost forgot that.

He sat up, straightening his back, he was half naked, as I tried my best not to stare at those beautiful, beautiful abs. His hair was messy, different from his usual gelled up hair. I preferred this look, however, as it made him look even more handsome.

And his scent- oh that smell that I wouldn't mind bathing in. It was soothing- almost like cinnamon. I loved it.

His eyes never left mine all this while. I remember the first time we met in this room- quite amusing I must add. I pursed my lips and looked to the ground, my loose black curls falling around my face. "Uh- Miss Holly is here to see you, Sire."

I couldn't see his reaction- as I was staring at the ground, but his concerned voice made it clear that he knew something was up. "Are you okay, babe? By the way, you can call me Zac,"

I nodded. "Please don't call me babe. It's Myah. And no sir. That's not professional. This is strictly a maid and employee relationship. So please Sir, Ms. Holly is here to see you. I'll prepare tea and coffee for you, or any other tidbits as you wish. That is all, thank you Sir"

Biting back my tears, I turned around from the only man whom I thought actually cared for me.

I was never meant for him.

And I never will.


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