I'm Your Maid, Not Your Ladylove [Wattpad]

Zac had it all, the money, the muscles, and the devilishly handsome good looks. Girls, to him, were like the free tomato ketchup sauces from McDonalds. Easy to get, free, and after he used them, he just threw them away.
Myah on the other hand, had nothing, she was broke, no job, no life. Boys, to her, was like seeing something attractive without desiring it.
This story is not suitable for people below 16 (Unless your eyes lost their virginity). Anyway, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED muahahahaha
Copyright 2015 // hotguyssaywhat


7. a/n


hey guys! I'm sorry that this isn't a chapter, but don't worry, I've got a lot of ideas in my head so stay tuned. Anyway, the reason why I'm here is because.. well, exam is around the corner and I can't update until exams are over. Now BEFORE any of you start to yell at me, I have a big announcement!

I'm having a little contest to for any of you to be featured in the story as Myah's maid friend, so if you are interested, please leave your information** in the comments below.

**Please include



Hair Colour

Personality (cute, fun, bubbly, annoying etc.) ((feel free to add in any negatives if you like))

Five random facts about you (go wild)


Other (Add anything you feel like)

So have fun, leave your info in the comment section below! Go wild with the info. By the way, my exams start on the 1st of March (lasts for a week) so only the following week will I be updating with the story.

The winner will be announced on the 29th of Feb.

Have fun!

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