The Fangirl

This story isn't just a regular story. This story is about how a girl named Samantha Vulderbuilt became the best friend of the boys in 5sos and falls in love along the way.


12. The date

Samantha's POV

Even though I'm a little mad at Mike I'm still really excited for our date. I'm wearing a black dress with a black purse that has a gold chain. I also curled my hair and put on some sparkly black eye shadow.(Picture in the beginning) It was already getting dark outside when suddenly my brother walked into my room.

"Hey, Sam! You're boyfriends downstairs!" He said in a mocking tone. Heat instantly rose to my cheeks.

"He's not my boyfriend." I said

"Whatever you say." Austin said and went downstairs. I did some last minute touches and went downstairs. 

Michael's POV

I knocked on Sam's door and was greeted by her mother.

"Oh, hello. You must be Michael. I'm Linda." She said

"Nice to meet you." I said with a nervous smile

"Would you like to come inside?" Linda asked

"I would love to." I said

She widened the door and pushed me inside. I walked into a hallway that included a lot of family photos. I smiled at one that was labeled "Samantha's 1st birthday". After a couple of minutes a boy came walking down the stairs.

"Sam said that she will be down in a second." He said

"Alrig-" I was quickly interrupted by a noise coming from the stairs.

Sam was walking towards me in a little black dress and heels! SHE WAS WEARING A DRESS AND HEELS! SHE NEVER WEARS ANYTHING GIRLY! She stopped right in front of me.

"Hey!" She giggled

"Hey." I smiled

"Shall we go?" I asked with a hand out

"We shall." She said placing her hand in mine

Sam said by to her brother and mom as we walked towards the door. I walked to the passenger side of the door and opened it for Sam. Tonight was going to be amazing.

Samantha's POV

As I got into the passenger seat of his car I started to think, Mike is amazing, he's all I've ever wanted. 

"Mike." I said softly 

"Yes Sam-Wich." He asked grinning

"Thank you for... for making my life ten times better." I said happily 

"No. Thank you." Mike said with wide eyes. After about twenty minutes of listening to music and singing, Mike started to say something,"Close your eyes."

"What? Why?" I asked 

"Just close them." He said

I obliged. The car then pulled to a stop and I heard the engine die down. 

"Keep your eyes closed. I'll be right back." Mike said while I nodded. I heard him get out and close the door. Everything was silent until my door swung open. Mike then grabbed my hand and helped me out of the car. My head suddenly slammed into something hard when I was only halfway out of the car. 

"Ow." I said rubbing my head

"I'm so sorry, are you okay?" Michael asked concerned

"Yeah." I said 

"Alright, sorry again. Thanks for keeping your eyes closed." Mike said. I just smiled and grabbed his hand. We walked for what seemed like ages until we came to a abrupt stop.

"Can I open my eyes now?" I asked Mike excited 

"Mmm, I don't know." Mike said in a slick tone

"Mike." I said stretching out the e

"Alright, you can open your eyes." Mike said heaving 

"Yay!" I shouted excitedly. I opened my eyes and was surprised by a full moon hovering over a picnic blanket. I walked through some trees to get to the blanket. I turned to Mike and noticed he had a basket.

"This is amazing!" I shouted while twirling in the moon light. The aroma of pine filled the air. I then sat down on the red and white picnic blanket. 

"I'm glad you like it." Mike giggled while sitting down next to me.

"What's in the basket?" I said smiling wide

"Two sodas, two sandwich's, and a bag of chips." Mike said pointing at the contents inside the basket

"Why am I not surprised." I said laughing. After eating some pizza and drinking all of the coke, we got up to leave. As we walked away from the beautiful scenery Mike tripped on his own feet, but caught himself. 

"Nice going." I said while slowly clapping. Mike then slowly bowed. I started to laugh.

"God, I love that laugh." Mike said. My cheeks turned red.

"You made tonight one of the best nights of my life." He said with a grin

"Same to you Mikey." I said with beaming smile






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