The Fangirl

This story isn't just a regular story. This story is about how a girl named Samantha Vulderbuilt became the best friend of the boys in 5sos and falls in love along the way.


6. Mystery Girl

Samantha's POV

After finally getting out of that torture chamber I had meet some really cool people. The boys I met were Oliver, Noah, and Thomas. The girls I met were Charlotte, Sarah, and Olivia. I walked down the steps of the school and easily spotted Mike, Luke, and Calum. I also saw someone else with them, she was a girl. She looked very familiar. She was wearing black jeans, a loose tank top, and Converse. She had beautiful golden blonde hair than reminded me of Luke's. Then it came to me. That girl was Sarah. She was a transfer student from England and she has a funny but sweet personality. I love her British accent. I walked up to the group of five and said

"Hey guys."

"Hey Sam." they all said at the same time. They sounded like a youth group. It was kind of funny.

"Do you guys want to go get some pizza from Joey's?" Michael asked. I had already gone to Joey's over the summer. That place was insanely good.

"YES!" I said practically screaming. They all started laughing. Since none of us had a car yet we had to walk to Joey's. When we finally got there I noticed that they had remodeled the place. Now they only had booth's and they were all on the right. There was also a  walk through kitchen that I liked because I could now watch over them to make sure they make my pizza perfect. Also they had arcade games, ping pong, and air hockey in the back. 

"I'm going to go order our pizza's." Luke said. Sarah then gave him a quick kiss. I then thought to myself, they're dating?

"We should go play two on two air hockey." Michael suggested 

The teams were Sarah and I against Calum and Mike.

"We are going to crush you." Sarah said in her British accent. She sounded so unnatural saying those words.

"Not a chance." Said Calum

After about 30 minutes of playing the game was tied up 14-14. The puck was about to go in to give us a point, but the game just shut off. The air stopped flowing and the lights turned down.

"Are you kidding we were so close to beating you!" Shouted Sarah

"I don't what you're talking about we were beating you." Calum replied

Michael and I just watched their trash talking battle in amusement. Then Mike said

"Calum will totally win this whole little battle thing that they're having right now."

I gave him the most hurt look I could pull off.

"Whatever, Calum doesn't have a chance against her British accent." I said

Then Mike and I were having a full blown war, but Luke came back right in time with the food before it got to serious. After eating all the food Mike walked me home since his house was only a block away from mine. Sarah, Luke, and Calum all went the other way because they were all going to a party. I didn't plan on getting wasted so I declined the offer and surprisingly Mike did too. After walking about a mile we finally got to my house. I was about to go inside when I thought of something.

"Hey Mike, umm, I was wondering, do you want to come inside. It's only six, but if you have to be home by a certain time, I get-" I said but was cut off

"I would love to and trust me, you don't want to be in my house between 6-8 P.M. It's total chaos."

"Well then, come in."

When Michael came in I set up the video games. I had about 50+ different games. After what felt like only 30 minutes it was already 8:45. 

"I think I should go. I don't want to make my parents worried." Mike said

"Oh, okay sure." I replied

Mike helped me put away the video games and I walked with him out of the house.

"I had a great time. You really made my first day at school really fun." I said with a light smile.

"I had a great time too. Want to know my favorite part?" He said with a smirk

"Sure. What was it." I said

"This." His lips then crashed into mine. The kiss was the first time that I felt like I belonged somewhere. I never wanted it to end, but of course it had to. Michael then pulled his warm, plump lips away. 

'Yeah, I think that was my favorite part too." I said with a grin and with that he was on his way home and left me at my doorstep the happiest person alive.


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