The Fangirl

This story isn't just a regular story. This story is about how a girl named Samantha Vulderbuilt became the best friend of the boys in 5sos and falls in love along the way.


1. My New Home

Samantha's POV

My name is Samantha Vanderbuilt, but my friends call me Sam. I had moved to Sydney, Australia this summer. I've only met some kids on my street and a couple of cool chicks at the mall. My mom said that I was a kid who lived in the past because I listen to music from the 80's and 90's on my dad's old record player. I guess that's why I started liking the band 5 Seconds of Summer. They do covers of songs by Busted, Blink 182, etc. I don't know a lot about them but they seem really cool and funny, especially Michael and Calum. My style was mostly black jeans, vans or converse, and band shirts I find at Hot Topic. My room was a decent size and had posters covering every inch of my walls. My bed was a queen size and had sheets that said I love Queen because I was trying to be funny. My bed had a trundle underneath and I usually put my shoes in there. I have long curly brown hair with green eyes and dark but pale. Tomorrow is my first day of school in Sydney and I'm really worried that everyone will think I'm a freak.

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