The Fangirl

This story isn't just a regular story. This story is about how a girl named Samantha Vulderbuilt became the best friend of the boys in 5sos and falls in love along the way.


3. Meeting The Boys

Samantha's POV

When I got out of the car I stood at the steps of the school in shock. The school was much bigger than I thought. I felt a tap on my shoulder and spun around. In front of me stood a boy who looked like he had gone through puberty young. 

"Hi, I'm Clifford, Michael Clifford." The boy with the long fringe said

"Hey, I'm Samantha but you can call me Sam." 

"Can I call you Samwhich?" Michael said with hopeful eyes

"No you can not. I just met you." I said with a stern voice

Michael sounded familiar. 

"Someone has anger issues and her name starts with a S." Michael said while raising his eyebrows. I laughed at his attempt to be funny. 

"Do you have a nickname?" I asked hoping he had one I could make fun of

"Actually, I do. My nickname is Mike."

"Well, since your nickname isn't funny in anyway I am going to call you Clifford The Big Red Dog"

Mike then smirked at me. He smirked. HE FREAKING SMIRKED! Smirking never leads to anything good. Mike then yelled

"HEY! EVERYONE! MEET SAMWHICH!" Everyone outside then looked at me and started laughing. I punched Mike in the arm and I knew I had to get him back. I then shouted


Michael's face turned bright red. I knew I had got him. I was about to tell Mike something when out of nowhere two guys came out of nowhere. There was a blonde haired guy with blue eyes a black haired guy with brown eyes. The black haired boy spoke up and said

"Why would you do that?"

"Yeah, that was really mean." The blonde one said.

"Did you guys seriously not see what he did to me?!" I said fuming 

"We did but that doesn't mean you do it back" Said the blonde one

"Great, you sound like my mother." I said and they all laughed except Luke.

Wait. I've heard that laugh before. No. NO FREAKING WAY.


They all looked at each other for a moment until Calum said

"Why are you freaking out?" 

Did he seriously just ask me that?

"You guys are amazing I watch your covers on YouTube. You guys are really popular in Chicago." I said wanting to jump up and down

They stared at each other in disbelief.

"You mean the Chicago in the United States?" Luke said in awe

"No I meant the Chicago in the Pacific ocean. YES THE CHICAGO IN THE U.S!" I shouted

Then out of nowhere all of them jumped up and started cheering. I was so confused.

"Wait, you guys didn't know this?" I asked

They all shook their heads

"You guys are actually really famous, you have fans everywhere in the world."

Luke, Calum, and Michael just stood at the stairs of the school in shock.


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