The Fangirl

This story isn't just a regular story. This story is about how a girl named Samantha Vulderbuilt became the best friend of the boys in 5sos and falls in love along the way.


8. Band Practice

Samantha's Pov

School had just finished and we were on the way to Mike's house so I could see the band.

“Michael.” I said in a whiney voice

“What Sam.” Mike said obviously getting annoyed

“What if they don’t like me.” I asked worried

“Who cares what they think Sam.” Mike said exhausted

“I care Mike, and if I care you should too.” I said looking a little sad

He hadn't asked the boys if I could come, so I was a little worried.

“Fine, i’ll text them and ask them if it’s ok, but just remember if they say no i’m still bringing you with me.” Mike said giving me a bear hug. 

“Fine.” I giggled

Five minutes after Mike had sent the text he finally got a reply.

“What they’d say! What they’d say!” I said jumping up and down

“They said it’s fine, but only if you’re completely honest when they ask for your opinion.” He said in a more serious tone

“Ok, deal!” I said super excited 

“So...What are you introducing me as. The most amazing person ever, a superhero, or a model.” I said strutting a different pose for each introduction

“Can I introduce you as all of them.” Mike said with a smirk

“Of course you can, it will get me some brownie points with the boys.” I said only half joking

“What am I going to do with you.” Mike said in a hushed tone

We both just giggled. Once we got to the Michael’s house I was greeted by his mother.

“Oh, hi, you must be the famous Samantha that Michael talks about.” His mom said

“Yep, that’s me.” I said with a smile

“Yeah she’s a superhero/model.” Mike said and we all laughed

“Well, the boys are down in the basement, do you want any snacks?” asked Mrs.Clifford

“Thank you Mrs.Clifford and me and Mike will ask the boys.” I said grinning

“Oh dear, call me Karen.” She said with a bright smile

“Ok, Karen.” I said stretching the n a little bit

I was scared to go down into the basement to meet the boys, so Mike grabbed my hand and offered to walk down first. I silently thanked him and started walking down the stairs.

“Hey guys.” Mike said as he was walking down the stairs

“Hey Mikester!’ They all said in unison

“Who’s the pretty lady” Ashton asked

I instantly felt the heat rushing to my cheeks. Everyone then turned their attention to me.

“This is Sam.” Michael said

“Hey.” I said sounding way more confident then I thought

“Hey Sam” Cal and Luke said

“Yeah I already know Luke and Cal, I just haven’t met Ashton.” I said

“Well, i’m Ashton Irwin, I am 18 years old, and I am the drummer. That’s pretty much all that you need to know about me.” Ashton said

“Ok then.” I said

There was a very long pause until Michael spoke up.

“Well, let’s get started.”

The room was pretty cool. All of their instruments were on the right side of the stage and a couch sat on the left. I let go of Mike and walked to the couch, ready for a performance. The first song that they played was new to me. Luke told me that it was called “Over and Over”


You know something I don't

It's not like you to be cold

Every night replayed over and over

You say things that I don't

You make me feel alone

Every night replayed over and over


You say it's no concern

And everything's alright

Sometimes we all get burnt

And then we try to hide

And I know, and I know, and I know

And I know we're wrong

We should have let things slide


And when the night gets dark

And there's no way back

I'll call your name

But it's fading, we're fading


When the song finished I clapped away. The song was so good. They played three more amazing songs after that. Out of my limit, Gotta get out, and I miss you by Blink 182. After they had put away all the instruments. 

“What did you think, and don’t lie.” Asked Calum

“I thought that you guys were amazing, and I promise i’m not lying.” I said putting my hands up in surrender. They all just smiled

“Who wants to go to the beach.” Luke asked

All of us raised our hands and laughed.

“Alright well, i’m going to go call Sarah and see if she wants to come.” Luke said

“And i’m going to go call Autumn.” Calum said

“Wait, Calum, when did you get a girlfriend?” I asked a little shocked

“Well, were not officially dating, but we just starting talking last week.” Calum said with a cheeky grin

“Well, go invite her to bring a bathing suit and tell Luke the same thing, ok?” I asked

“Sure thing.” Said Calum

Then he walked to a corner and called Autumn.

“Mike, can you walk me to my house, so I can change into my swimsuit?” I asked

“Why should I? You would look better without it.” Mike said smirking

I punched his arm

“Ouch.” He said while rubbing his arm.

“What was that for.” He said

“For not being a gentleman.” I laughed

“Now, i’m going to ask you again. Can you walk me home, so I can change into my swimsuit?” I said looking innocent

Mike looked like he was thinking.

“Fine.” He said exaggerating

“Yay!” I said trying to sound like a perky cheerleader

(Not saying that all cheerleaders are perky)

I walked upstairs and saw Karen. Oh, I totally forgot to ask the boys about snacks.

“Hi Karen, i’m sorry, I totally spaced out and forgot about the snacks.” I said hoping she wasn’t mad.

“Oh. it’s fine sweetie, I would’ve done the same thing.” She said

Michael then walked up to me and said

“You ready to go.”

“Yeah.” I said

“Thank you for understanding Karen.” I said

“I was once a teenager too.” She said

After that me and mike started walking to my house.



Thank you guys so much for the 300 reads. There is much more to come and I still need someone to be Ashton's girlfriend. Hope you guys like this story so far.^,^

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