The Fangirl

This story isn't just a regular story. This story is about how a girl named Samantha Vulderbuilt became the best friend of the boys in 5sos and falls in love along the way.


7. Aftertaste

Samantha's POV

Today was Tuesday. It was the day after the kiss with Michael. Oh that kiss, it was amazing. I couldn't wait to see him at school today. I got ready as fast as I could. I brushed my hair and teeth, changed into skinny jeans and a tee, and put on some make up. I then went downstairs to eat breakfeast. My mom had to go to work early, so I just got some cereal. Austin had gotten a ride to school with his friend Parker which meant I was alone. My thoughts were disturbed by the sound of knocking on wood. I went to go open the door and was very happy about who was standing behind it. Mike. 

"Hi." I said in an innocent voice

"Hey." He said a little shy

"I need to tell you something." He said

"Go for it Clifford." I said sounding more confident then usual

"Would you like to go on a date with me?" Asked Mike sounding hopeful

"No I wouldn't like to." Mike then frowned which made my heart ache 

"I would love to." I said cheerfully

Mike then gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Alright so i'll pick you up Friday at 8 P.M. okay?" Michael said in a professional tone

"Okay." I said with a grin that seemed to never go away

"So...Do you want to walk to school with me." Said Mike getting down on one knee

"I would love to. Let me just go put my bowl away, i'll be right back." I said and rushed to the kitchen.

I grabbed my bowl and practically threw it in the sink. I then grabbed my backpack and raced to the door.

"You ready Samwhich." Mike asked

"Ready, Clifford the big red dog." I replied

We both laughed at our attempt to make conversation.

'Hey do you want to come see a band practice?" Mike asked

"I thought you would never ask" I replied with a cheeky grin

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