Falling in Love

After Violet tackled freshman year now she is ready to finish her high school life. With love,friends,and a little one direction what will be in store for Violet?(Please read the first book to understand this on)


1. Last Day Of School

Hi I'm violet you might remember me from two years ago. Well now I'm an eleventh grader. Me and James are still going strong for two years now. Kylie is 8 now and is starting to like boys which is hard for dad. Dad has been sober for 2 years now and has even lost 300 pounds! He is eating healthier like me and Kylie which is good. Lily and sydney are still my best friends and i always find ways to hang out with them so they don't feel left out. Megan moved my 10th grade year and school has been amazing for me. I haven't cut myself since my 9th grade year. Today is the last day of school and then it will be summer break but i am mostly going to take college tours because next year is my senior year. Well off to bed i have to get some sleep for tomorrow
~next day~
I woke up to Kylie shaking me. 
"K=violent wake up 
K=its the last day of school and were going to be late
I got up and threw my hair in a pony tail and put on some shorts and my moms favorite T-shirt. It had holes in the back to make it look like angel wings so i had to wear a tank top so i wouldn't show any skin. Then i walked out side and drove Kylie to school. When i had my sweet 16 i got my moms old jeep which was the perfect gift. After i dropped Kylie off i drove to school and parked the car. After i parked i waited by my car for James. Soon enough i saw his truck pulling in. He parked and got out running towards me. He picked me up and spun me around. Then lily and sydney walked over.
"S=what are you happy about James
J=summer break i get to spend some time with my girl and her two best friends.
L=thats sweet oh and violet we all have a surprise for you
J=well after saving for this whole year the three of us bought you tickets to drum role please"
Lily and sydney started drum rolling on their legs.
V=OMG REALLY!!! Guys you are the best
J=and i wont even be jealous cause i know i already have you
V=your so perfect you know that
J=i try"
Then James slipped his hand on my cheek. Then slipped it behind my neck pulling me towards him. His lips touched mine and i felt the spark i always feel when we kiss.
"L=ok love birds school is starting.
S=yea come on"
We walked into school for the last day before the best summer break ever.


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