Words (Jacob Whitesides Fanfic)

This is a fabrication story about a girl that had been bullied ever since 6th grade because she's different than everybody else.

She only has a few friends that love her. But what will happen when she meets her one and only idol Jacob Whitesides.

Read to find out!!


2. Tickets

I've decided to go and I need to get tickets to go see Jacob Whitesides. He's the one and only person that has helped me through all of my life with bullying and being beat up by all of the people that want to hate me because I'm different.

So I decided to go and ask my mom if I can get tickets to go see Jacob. I begged her and begged her.

* 2 Months Later*

"Hey Sirena can I come in??" My mom asked.

"Sure why not? I'm lonely doing nothing anyways!" I exclaimed.

"What would u say if I got u tickets to see Jacob Whitesides with backstage passes and meet & greet tickets to hang out with him for a week??" My mom explained.

"I would fucking love u!" I exclaimed.

"Well I got you all of that." My mom said.

"You better not be joking mom." I said covering my mouth as she said she wasn't joking.

She pulled out all of the tickets and backstage passes and everything she got for me to meet Jacob. I was so happy that I hugged my mom for a long period of time. I didn't want to let her go but the concert was 4 days away. I couldn't wait until I saw his face and I could actually run to him and hug him and be near the one that has helped me. He is the one and only person I need in my life. He is the star that shines bright and I followed the light and now I'm here in here with him at my side. I just hope that he understands what I tell him and why I love him for what he does for all of his fans.

I will always love him and he is the one person that helped me besides my best friends that I have and my mom. Yes my sisters have helped me a lot to but Jacob just showed me how to ignore the pain and focus on me and focus on him and see how much he loves me and all of his fans.

I just can't believe I'm meeting my idol. So u ran to the door downstairs cause the doorbell rang and my neighbor asked me what was wrong cause she heard screaming and I just simply said I got tickets to meet my idol and the person that has helped me a lot these years. And I get to hang out with him for a week or two.

Authors Note

I hope u guys are enjoying the book so far I'll be writing more tomorrow. Love you guys and keep reading to find out what happens at the concert the meet and greet and more.

And just to make this clear I have never met Jacob yet. This is just my dream of what I hope happens one day.

Love u lovleys,


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