Words (Jacob Whitesides Fanfic)

This is a fabrication story about a girl that had been bullied ever since 6th grade because she's different than everybody else.

She only has a few friends that love her. But what will happen when she meets her one and only idol Jacob Whitesides.

Read to find out!!


5. Movie Date

So tonight was the movie date with Jacob. I was so excited I just can't wait.

It was around 4:39 in the afternoon. So I decided to get ready and look for something to wear for tonight. My mom helped me pick something casual but flirty, not to flirty not to sexy not to thrown out there.

We got it together. I decided to wear a pair of black skinny jeans, a Rolling Stones T shirt, some white converse and I decided to wear this cute little black bow I had in my hair. I then put a black chocked necklace on with a batman symbol. I also through a light sweater on too. So I was all ready for what I was wearing. Now I gotta do my makeup and hair.

For my makeup I did my foundation and concealer. Then I did my eyebrows just to fill them in. I then put some tinted tan eyeshadow on with winged eyeliner, and some mascara. I then put some light red matte lipstick on.

Finally got my hair I straightened it. As I finished straightening it. I then put my black bow in my hair. I looked kind of cute for this date. I guess you can say.

It was 5:30 when I finished getting ready. He was coming at 6. So I was ready for him.

*6:00 came around the corner*

'The door bell rings'

"Sirena Jacob's here!!" My mom yells as she lets him come in as I walk down the stairs.

He looks up with amazement. His jaw dropped when he saw me walk down the stairs.

"You look amazing!" He exclaimed.

"Thank you. You look handsome!" I exclaimed. As I looked him up and down. He was wearing a plain black shirt with a red and black flannel, some black skinny jeans and some white converse. He always looked amazing in anything he wore.

"Thank you very much Ms.Rienzi." He bit his lip.

I then opened the door and let me out first. As I walked out I said bye to my mom.

"Bye mom see u later!" I yelled.

"See you later honey!"she yelled back.

When we got in the car he stayed there for a couple of minutes before we left.

"What are we sitting here for still??" I questioned.

"Sirena I have a question for you??" He looked at me.

"Are you a fan or r u agreeing to the is date because u love me??" He asked me.

Did he really just ask me this question??

"Jacob I said yes to this date because your an amazing guy. Your hot sweet caring loving and you know how to make a girl feel better. You even know how to make me feel better. I love you Jacob and I've been in love with you since the beginning of time!!" I explained and held his hand.

He held my hand the whole ride to the theater. The theater was a drive in one. So we sat on the hood of his jeep. I was so in love with drive in movie theaters. I like them better than normal movie theaters. As we sat on the hood of the car Jacob stared at me most of the time. Then I finally decided to go next to him and put my head on his chest. Then I looked up at him and looked into his eyes.

"You look beautiful in this light!!" Jacob said as we sat there under the stars.

I giggled and looked down to blush when he said that.

"It's true though." He said as he lifted my chin up to look at him.

He then leaned down and during the kissing scene he leaned down and he.............................................................................................................................,..........................................................................,

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