Words (Jacob Whitesides Fanfic)

This is a fabrication story about a girl that had been bullied ever since 6th grade because she's different than everybody else.

She only has a few friends that love her. But what will happen when she meets her one and only idol Jacob Whitesides.

Read to find out!!


1. Introduction

Hi my name is Sirena Holly. I get bullied a lot at school. But the only person that helps me through all of that is Jacob Whitesides.

I have never met him I have never went to one of his concerts. But I know that he's sweet he's helpful and he's a superhero for many other boys and girls. Now a lot of people would think that I'm the type of girl that sits around my house and thinks hmmmmmm maybe I should find out where he is so that I can stalk him. Or maybe let's find out where his girlfriend is so that we can kill her and he can be ours forever and she can never have him. But nobody understands me. I don't think about that I would never do anything like that. I'm a normal teenage girl that love a musician that she will never meet.

I'm 16 years old and I am a victim of bullying. I get bullied for liking Magcon boys for liking you tubers and Viners and all of those people as they say in school. But you know what if they sort like me they don't like me. Why do they have to pick on me so much that I go home and cry and think about during?? Idek what to do anymore.

But one day I told my mom that I need to meet the person that helped me through all of this. I need to go see Jacob Whitesides in concert and I need to meet him.

When I told my mom that she thought I was crazy but she saw that I was dead serious about it. She looked at me and said :

"I'll try my best but I can't promise you anything because I can't afford that. But I promise that I will try everything I can!!"

So I hugged my mom and I ran back into my room. Ik that I'm not getting those tickets but I kept it to myself cause I thought positive and I kept it in my mind that I might be meeting Jacob Whitesides. Th one person that helped me through all of my bullying and all of my thinking about during.

All I'm saying though is if my mom gets him to come to our house and he wants to see my room he's gonna be so awkward because my closet and my wall that my bed is on is covered in him and Kenny Holland (which I will be writing a story about soon) and a whole bunch of other people. But mainly Jacob and Kenny since they both helped me through all of this bullying through these last 10 years of school and my life.

What will happen in this story??

Read to find out more.

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