Words (Jacob Whitesides Fanfic)

This is a fabrication story about a girl that had been bullied ever since 6th grade because she's different than everybody else.

She only has a few friends that love her. But what will happen when she meets her one and only idol Jacob Whitesides.

Read to find out!!


3. 3 Days Before

I have 3 days until the concert. I've got no words until this concert. I'm gonna meet my idol and the guy that has helped me with everything bullying etc.....

Jacob is the one guy that loves me and enjoys helping me. Idk how he understands how to do that with all of his fans. But yet his fans are like his family. So we are loved just as much as he loves his family.

I had to go out shopping today to get clothes for the concert. I have to go to the mall I have to get hot topic stuff Spencer's Victoria secret. Bathing suit. Everything new for the concert and the meet and greet and the weeks to hang out with Jacob.

(I know you guys love Jacob so I have added some of you in this story. Later on.)

Well I got to hot topic I bought a Rolling Stones muscle tank top, panic at the disco hoodie, batman underwear, batman gauges, and more but that so much to write. Then I went to Spencer's and got necklaces a wallet for Jacob and a backpack. After all that I went to Victoria secret and got things,underwear,Bras,perfume, lotion, bikini (black and white, mint & black), and a beach bag. After all three stores I went to Sephora to get all new makeup. I spent over $800 in the other three stores. In Sephora I only spent about $200 cause that was my max my mom gave me. So I got lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, face makeup set ($60), lastly I got a new brush set. Finally me and my mom went to Claire's and Icing. At Claire's I got new iPhone cases, new earrings, new celebrity pillows, Jacob Whitesides and Kenny holland books and pillows and a blanket, Justin Bieber supplies, and lastly I got a set of jewelry. I spent $300 in Claire's. Then I went to Icing and I got a tiara, earrings, bracelets, ankle bracelets, and necklaces. Then we went to this fancy dress store I don't remember the name. But I got a white low high dress, black short cocktail dress, prom gown, white heels, black heels, red heels, blue short prom dress, some blue sparkly heels, and then finally I got myself the dress of my dreams a short white top and black lace bottom with a white bow in the middle to the side and some black leave heels with a white bow at the bottom. I spent over $2,000 in this fancy store. Then I went to the vans shoe store and got myself 6 pairs of vans. So I bought one pair of all black skater vans, one pair black and white vans, high top redcaps and high top black vans., then I got light blue vans, all white vans. I spent $600 in the vans store. I also went to converse store and got all white converse all black converse and red converse, Galaxy converse. I spent $400 in the converse store. So technically I spent over $4,300 all together.

Now since we were done shopping we decided to go to the candy shop. I got gummy bears, jolly ranchers, some chocolate, gummy worms, candy canes, lollipops and some peppermint a, and some gum. That cost me $30. Then we went and got some Chinese food which cost us $14 all together. It was a really good day. So all together with the food and all of the stores we went to we spent over $4,344. When we finished eating we went home I put all of my new clothes and stuff away. Then I went to my room and decided let's redesign my room. I just wanted to move everything around. I moved my bed to the middle of my balcony and my window. Then I moved my dresser to the wall that was right across from my closet. My closet was next. I had a walk in closet cause it was there when we moved here. So I decided to organized my shoes and my clothes. Organized my clothes fancy on one side with my fancy shoes that I just got. Then my casual clothes and then my casual shoes. Than my everyday clothes and everyday shoes. Then I decided since I have a little island dresser in my closet why not put my makeup organized in there. So I brought all my old and new makeup into my closet and started to set it up. I had so much room it wasn't even funny. So I decided let's just keep going select but my CDs in here too since I know I have a lot of room. But then I decided let's just leave my CDs in my room since I have shelves with nothing on them anymore. So I put all my CDs in order from A-Z. So my room was finished and it looked amazing.

Then I forgot to get a new bed set since mine was all ripped and covered in patches. So I asked my month bring me to kohl's to get one and get some more clothes and shoes and accessories. So that what we did. When we got there I got a carriage and I put a bunch of dresses and jackets and coats and leggings and shoes and skirts and shirts and tank tops and tuxedos for girls and band tshirts and a lot more. After I got all that done I went to the accessories and I threw a bunch of necklaces earrings bracelets rings headbands tiaras and more. Then we went to the bedding area. I found a British flag pillow that I threw into the carriage, then I found the perfect bed set. It was black mint and white and it was soft to so I grabbed it and threw it into the carriage. Then I went to the decorations area and got some boards that had sayings on them for example 'you are your own kind of beautiful.' After we finished I grabbed a Star Wars blanket and The Janoskians blanket and then I fell in love with this. I ran to the Jacob Whitesides area that they just put in the store. I ran to it and bought one of everything and I ran to the cashier and I bought everything my mom and me spent over $2,000. But I paid for half of it with my birthday money and my Christmas money. My mom decided let's cut it so she paid $1,000 and I paid $1,000.

We got home I changed my bed sheets and everything. Then I changed into my new Jacob Whitesides jumper my new Jacob Whitesides slippers and my new black sweatpants. I looked at my room and I was so proud of what I did. Then my mom knocked on my door at least I thought it was my mom and they walked into my room and they hugged me and said I love you. Whoever was behind me was really tall I didn't know who it was. But before they walked in my door was locked so I changed my slippers into just my vans socks and then I put on black skinny jeans and then I left my jumper on. Then I fixed my hair and let it down as my natural waves flowed. Then I looked at myself in the mirror I was pleased with my makeup. Then I unlocked the door and I ran back to where I was standing. The person than walked in and hugged me from behind I thought it might have been Jacob Whitesides. So I turned around and I almost died. I was Jacob Whitesides. I started to tear up and I went towards him and I jumped on him and he held my butt so I was comfortable and so I didn't fall. He also whispered this in my ear....................

What did he whisper into Sirenas ear??

Find out in the next chapter.

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