Kinetic Love

When Kourtney Owens and Anthony Ladao met it was love at first sight. Despite their differences they were happy. But at first Kourtney's mom didn't like Anthony. She constantly asked her 'why do you like this tattooed freak? Do you really love him? ' And despite what her mom said Kourtney stayed with Anthony.


7. Chapter 7:Preparing For Marriage

*Kourtney's POV*

Mom drove down from our little town of Cherokee two days ago and we started planning the wedding. Today we are going dress shopping. I took mom, Alyssa and Tara who is Eric's sister with me. I tried on several dresses before I decide on one. I'm glad I found address.

"Hey Kourtney how was dress shopping?" Anthony asked.

"I found the one!" I squealed.

"That's great I know you'll look beautiful!"  He smiled.

"Thanks baby, I love you!" I replied

"I love you too!" He kissed me. "Hey babe, I finished signing the papers on that little house we liked so much." He smiled.

"Did you really?" I was very excited about this all.

"Yes, I did."

"I'm so excited I can't wait to get married!" I smiled. The next couple of days we spent putting our house together and we went to the courthouse to sign our marriage license. This is so exciting. The girls even threw me a bridal shower which was really fun. I love Anthony so much and can't wait to start a life with him.

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