Kinetic Love

When Kourtney Owens and Anthony Ladao met it was love at first sight. Despite their differences they were happy. But at first Kourtney's mom didn't like Anthony. She constantly asked her 'why do you like this tattooed freak? Do you really love him? ' And despite what her mom said Kourtney stayed with Anthony.


6. Chapter 6:Marry Me?

*Anthony's POV*

Fall break was over and we were all at the school. I'm so glad Kourtney's mom likes me. It's a good thing she does like me now, because I'm going to ask Kourtney to marry me pretty soon. I know it's pretty early in our relationship , but I love Kourtney so much and I want to spend the rest if my life with her. I just hope she says yes.. I went with Eric to pick out the ring. So many possibilities. I finally decided on one they called a princess cut, because Kourtney is a princess and she deserves only the best. I can't wait to ask her to marry me. Kourtney is perfect, I love her so much.

*Kourtney's POV*

Anthony and I have been dating for three months and I love him more now than ever. Alyssa and I were talking when Anthony knocked at the door. I knew it was him because he just has that certain knock. I get up and open the door.

"Hey baby, need something?" I asked.

"Yeah, I wanted to ask you something?" He said and walked in. Alyssa was grinning real big like she knew something I didn't.

"Ask away!" I replied. He looks at Alyssa and back at me and gets on one knee, I automatically end up in tears.

"Kourtney, I know it's a little bit early in our relationship, you make me happy and I love you m. So Kourtney Brianne Owens will you marry me?" He asked.

"Yes Anthony Michael Ladao, I will marry you!" I answered. He then slipped the ring on my finger and picked me up and twirled me around and kissed me.

"I love you so much!" He smiled.

"I love you too!" I replied. I look at the ring and at him. "Anthony it's beautiful!" I said.

"You're beautl!" He replied and kissed me. "I can't wait to call you Mrs. Ladao!" He smiled. After Anthony leaves I look at Alyssa.

"You knew about this?"

"Yes I did." She smiled. After a while I call my mom and told her a oh my engagement. I'm glad she's happy about it she planned to come down soon so we could plan the wedding and go dress shopping. This is do exciting. I can't wait to marry the love of my life.

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