Kinetic Love

When Kourtney Owens and Anthony Ladao met it was love at first sight. Despite their differences they were happy. But at first Kourtney's mom didn't like Anthony. She constantly asked her 'why do you like this tattooed freak? Do you really love him? ' And despite what her mom said Kourtney stayed with Anthony.


5. Chapter 5:Visiting Home

*Kourtney's POV*

It's fall break and I've asked Anthony if he'd like to come along to meet my mom. I however am not going to mention quite yet about Anthony's jail time or any of the Joey and Colton drama. If she knew she would probably make me drop out of college and and come back with a restraining order against Anthony. I can't let her do that I love Anthony.

"I am going to miss you girlie!" Alyssa said as I walked towards the door.

"I am going to miss you too!" I go to see if Anthony is ready to go.

"You ready to go Anthony?" I asked when I get to his and Eric's dorm.

"As ready as I'll ever be!" He smiled.,

"You're not the first bit nervous?" I asked him.

"Nope!" He said popping the 'p'.

"What if my mom doesn't like you?" I asked.

"I'm ok as long as you love me!" He smiled.

"I love you too!" I smiled back. Anthony and I headed on the road, we stop in Brunswick to get a little lunch at Steak'N'Shake. Then we head back on the road.and three hours later we make it to my little house in Cherokee. My mom meets us outside.

"Kourtney,I'm so glad you came to visit...Who's this?

"Mom this is my boyfriend Anthony!"  I tell my mom and Anthony wraps his arms around my waist from behind.

"Nice to meet you Mrs.Owens!"  Anthony said and reached out his hand. My mom automatically saw his tattoos.

"N-nice to meet you too!" My mom muttered out, it was clear my mom didn't really like him.

"Hey,Anthony do you mind if I talk to my mom alone?" I asked.

Sure go ahead babe!" He replied. My mom and I went inside.

"Is it because he has tattoos?" I asked.

"Why do you like this tattooed freak?" My mom asked.

"Mom, dad had tattoos!"

" We are not talking about your father!"

"Mom, you loved dad even with his tattoos, I love Anthony even with his tattoos!"

"Kourtney do you really love him,you're 18, do you really know what love is?" Mom asked.

"Mom you married dad at 18 and had me at 19!"

"Well, if you really love him! I suppose I can get use to him." 

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