Kinetic Love

When Kourtney Owens and Anthony Ladao met it was love at first sight. Despite their differences they were happy. But at first Kourtney's mom didn't like Anthony. She constantly asked her 'why do you like this tattooed freak? Do you really love him? ' And despite what her mom said Kourtney stayed with Anthony.


1. Chapter 1:College Journey

*Kourtney's POV*

Kourtney,honey do you have everything?"

"Yes mom! I have everything!" I said my little car was packed from ceiling to floor.

Mom then slips an envelope in my hand.

"If you need anything - and I mean anything,no matter what it is,when or where it may be ,you call me. Even if I have to drive nine hours to get you." My mom said before kissing my forehead.

Thanks mama. I love you!" I said before heading on my nine hour journey to my new,temporary,college home.

~six hours later~

I've made it from my little town of Cherokee, North Carolina to Brunswick, Georgia in six hours and finally decided to make a stop and get something to eat. I end up stopping at Wendy's getting my usual,which is a #1 combo with a small chocolate Frosty,and head back on the road. I put in my Luke Bryan cd and roll down my windows. The wind blowing made my hair a bit messy.

~three hours later~

I finally make it to Orlando and decided that the first thing I would do is go to get my Florida tags for my car. After that I head to the school id be calling home for the next four years.

I walked up to the registration desk to get signed in and get my dorm key.

"Hello I'm Kourtney Owens." I stated.

"Alright. Here is your key and schedule." The lady handed me my dorm key and schedule. I walk toward my dorm with my backpack on my back on my back,looking at my schedule. Then I ran into someone,knocking him off his feet.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" I look into his bright brown eyes.

"New girl? Yeah I'm alright. Are you?" He chuckled.

"Yeah I'm Kourtney." I said. "I'm okay."

"I'm Anthony. Need help finding your dorm?" His smile lit up the rainy day.

"Nice to meet you Anthony. Um.. Thanks. That would help!" He put his arm around me sending chills up my spine.

"Here we are." He then handed me a piece of paper,it had his number on it. "If you need anything just text me or call me." I giggled as I put his number in my phone. Honestly I love this place already.

I called my mom to let her know I made it safely to my destination.

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