Kinetic Love

When Kourtney Owens and Anthony Ladao met it was love at first sight. Despite their differences they were happy. But at first Kourtney's mom didn't like Anthony. She constantly asked her 'why do you like this tattooed freak? Do you really love him? ' And despite what her mom said Kourtney stayed with Anthony.


10. Chapter 10:Baby Ladao

*Anthony's POV*

It's been the longest nine months. Baby Allison Brooke Ladao could make an appearance any time now. I can't wait to meet the little girl that has changed Kourtney and my world forever. Things were about to be shaken for Kourtney and I for the better. That's when Kourtney went into labor.

*Kourtney's POV*

This is it! I think we're about to meet little Allison Brooke. We are naming her Allison Brooke,Allison taken from the first letter of Anthony's name and Brooke taken from the first letter of my middle name m. I can't wait to meet my little princess! We then headed to the hospital,we were about to be first time parents. Moments later we welcomed little Allison Brooke into our world.

"Welcome to the world princess!" Anthony smiled and little Allison cooed.

The End

(A/N: sorry the last chapter is short. But I hope y'all have enjoyed this story dearies. Love Kaitlyn)

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