Bad Boy Meets Bad Girl.

Taylor, rough past, smoke till she drops, getting drunk with the mad hatter, Acid Tripper/Smoker.
Michael, Not understood, cigarettes in his pocket, teary eyes, pupils bigger than the moon.


1. Pity Party

Taylors P O V


"Happy Birthday Tay-Tay!" My parents smiled wide, Dad's flask in his pants are noticeable, not like anyone's here.

"Thanks Mum and Dad" i said, a smirk pulling at my lips as they handed me a present. They sat in front of me, waiting for me to open the box. Ah birthdays, knowing your one year closer to dying is the best isn't it? It's my 16th birthday so i understand if my parents make a big deal about it.


"Just what i wanted! Thank you guys so much i love this!" i acted as if i won the lottery, i hate doing this. Acting like i actually like the box of soaps and 50 dollars. Reaching to give them a hug they smile their heart out. 

"alright im out," i announced to my parents on the couch, i opened the door until my dad stopped me.

"where are you going?" he said, i groaned, turning around.

"out, i need to get tampons." i knew he would let me go right away if i include something about period blood.


"Ew gross, get out of here." he said, turning back to his tv show. One point to Taylor, i headed out and jumped in Jackie's truck she stole from her dad.

"theres my Tay," She said, kissing my cheek. thats when you know you have a good friendship with someone, when they kiss your cheek and its not weird. Yeah Jackie came out last year, also shaving her head and wearing flannels but ive know her since kindergarten. 

"where we goin?" I said, she got out of my drive way and drove down the road.

"i have to get some snacks because today is going to be our day. I haven't seen you in forever and we have to have fun together." She said, i smiled at her honesty, 


"so are we just gonna get stoned or?" i said, she nodded.

"we are doing everything today, but we do have to stop at Jason's to get some." she said, turning into the walmart.


Jackie threw her dads handicapped sticker on and we got front service, we jumped out and into the crowded store. 

"why did we have to go to Walmart, its packed." i moaned, trailing behind Jackie's fast pace.

"Just come on," She said, pulling me back up with her.




"we are going to gain a million pounds." i laughed, as the lady scanned all of our sweets and chips. 

"But we will have fun doing it." she happily swiped her credit card. I didn't even want to argue about who will pay because she would of beat me to death. She pushed the heavy cart and throwing bags into the trunk.


"To Jason's home!" She said, pulling out of the handicapped parking. Blasting rock music, her short wavy hair twitching in the wind as my black long strands went to the backseat. We entered a mobile home and found the small house. 


She knocked on the door, and it opened fast. I knew Jason as the drug guy, hes a little bit older than us but looks like he just came out of high school. His big red pimples scattered on his cheek and brown greasy hair trying to stand straight up. His body was skinny yet very tall, his skin as pale as clouds. 

"Hey guys, come on in." He said, opening he door wide. The stench of versachi colon in the air as a red couch stands in the way. There were already people sitting on it so i couldn't rest my legs. We stood in the kitchen as Jason went to his bedroom.


"oh so Taylor and Jackie, this is Troy, Brandon and Michael." Jason said, handing Jackie a full grocery bag. 

i greeted to them and they were very nice, except for Michael, he was sort of an asshole.


"Look at those tits," Michael said to Troy.

"Hey jackass shut the fuck up." i snarled, he laughed along with the guys.

"its okay baby girl, i like them feisty." i rolled my eyes at his attempt for a punchline. 

i walked back to Jackie who was paying in cash to Jason.

"Control your friend over there," i said, motioning to Michael.

"Michael stop messing with my girl." Jason said,

"Obviously Taylor is my girl." Jackie pulled her hand around me as we headed to the door.


"bye Taylor," Michael smirked, i scoffed and continued out the door.


"what a freak." i said, Jackie laughed, while opening her bag.


"36 tabs of acid, 3 mushrooms and 10 grams of weed."She counted,

"that must of costed a fortune." my mouth opened,

"it was, but i gave Jason a handjob so i got a discount." i spit out my water as i cackled with laughter.

"you slut!" i screamed, she clenched her stomach from laughing, as she focused on the road.


















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