The year is 2021, and a third World War is in full swing. A group of teenagers have been able to live in the country and escape most of the crazy war lifestyle. They reside in a large mansion owned by the King and Queen of the Republic of England. There's a school being run, and a lot of kids running around. There will be a turn in the war soon. It's going to be a revolt from the creatures most people don't even believe in.


4. Truths

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          Riley stands outside Lucas’s bedroom hours after the outburst in the pool. She’s been giving him time to calm down, but he didn’t come to dinner and she knows he needs her.

          Now, as she tries to gain some courage, she can feel the anger radiating from inside the room.

          Riley takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. “Lucas, I know you’re in there,” her voice is a bit shaky. “Don’t ignore me.”

          Silence fills the air and Riley feels Lucas moving around.

          “Open the door, vampire,” Riley crosses her arms.

          The door opens and Lucas stands before Riley. His shirt is torn, shorts hanging loosely on his hips, and his eyes are bloodshot. “Come in,” his voice is hoarse.

          “Lucas, were you crying?” Riley steps into his room.

          He shuts the door and walks over to sit on the edge of his bed. “And if I was?”

          “Nothing,” Riley goes and stands in front of her friend. “I can feel you’re angry, not so much now since I entered, but you aren’t happy, and I don’t like it.”

          “I just don’t like talking about death.”

          “That’s fine,” Riley runs her hands through Lucas’s messy hair. “I’m not leaving you, ever.”

          Lucas wraps her arms around Riley’s waist and pulls her into his bed. His face instantly nuzzling into her stomach. “You will,” he mumbles.

          Riley giggles at the treatment from the boy. “What was that?”

          He pulls his head away from her stomach and looks up. “Stay with me, please.”

          She tenderly smiles, “Sure.”

          “Thanks. You’re a good friend,” he puts his head back on the girl’s stomach and closes his eyes.

          “I try,” her eyes flutter close. “Have a nice sleep, Lucas. Don’t worry about anything.”

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          “Now, I know all of you don’t believe everything that is in our history books,” Ms. Yui takes a seat on the front of her desk. “So, I would love to hear some of the false events.”

          “Do you know the truth, Ms. Yui?” Paige asks.

          “I know everything,” the teacher smirks. “I’ll give you ten minutes to think. In case someone says one of yours, you will have backups.”

          “Sounds fair,” Riley gets out a piece of paper and pen.

          “Okay, I’ll start the time,” Ms. Yui looks down at her watch. “And go!”

          Lucas leans back in his chair; events already swimming around his head. He’s lived for hundreds of years, and knows more than most.

          Riley is busy scribbling on her paper when Lucas glances over at her. The events of last night running amongst his facts for discussion.

          Riley fell asleep right away, but Lucas stayed awake for a while longer. He eventually drank some of her blood; right from her wrist. The wound didn’t heal right away, so in a panic, Lucas bandaged it up with a shirt of his. The bandage is still on her wrist, and he feels bad about it.

          Bella watches on as Lucas stares at Riley. She wonders about the blush on his cheeks, and the bandage around Riley’s wrist.

          “Time is up,” Ms. Yui claps.

          “That was so fast,” Daniel sighs.

          “Okay, Paige, you go first.”

          “Oh, um,” Paige bites her bottom lip. “Well, communists aren’t what everyone says they are. They are actually mythical creatures or people who openly say they are real. So, the so called bad communist countries are actually good. Some people just can’t accept it.”

          “That’s true. Thanks for sharing,” Ms. Yui smiles. She’s acting very calm and almost out of character. “Daniel, you are up.”

          All the kids have now picked up on how Ms. Yui is calling them by their first names. Even though it makes them uneasy, they push it aside. Maybe she’s just switching things up.

          “Hm,” Daniel runs a hand through his hair. “Hitler and Nazi’s were actually vampires. They were killing the groups of people for the reasons in our books, and to get blood. The vampires have a pact now so an event like that won’t happen again.”

          “I didn’t know that last part. Is it true Lucas?” Ms. Yui looks between the two boys.

          “It is,” Lucas answers. “We are truly angered at what he did. It’s a good thing they are all dead now.”

          “Ah, that’s interesting,” Ms. Yui nods a few times. “Well, Bella, you’re up.”

          “Finally,” Bella giggles. “Well, there’s a reason we don’t talk a lot about a certain country. And that’s Australia. The reason is because that region is home to so many mythical creatures, and not everything can have a cover-up. So, to be safe, we just don’t learn about that part of the world.”

          “Very clever of nonbelievers, it seems,” the teacher pushes her heels off. She tucks a few strands of silver hair behind her ear. Her blue eyes don’t seem to hold as much spirit today. Even though she’s twice her students’ age, she looks just as young. Not to mention, she’s just as tall and fit as her students. “Riley, you can go next.”

          “Sounds good,” Riley smiles, looking around at her friends. “The lost city of Atlantis isn’t lost. It is easily accessible, and it is the home of a large percent of the population of mermaids. They kind of like the stories, though. Plus, not many people mess with them.”

          “Mermaids are interesting creatures,” Ms. Yui chuckles. “Lucas, you are the only one left. Tell us what you have been waiting so patiently to tell us.”

          Lucas sits up and takes a small breath. “It was hard to pick just one thing to talk about, as I’ve lived for 548 years now,” he grins. “I’ve picked one, though. That is, you are not a mortal. It would explain you knowing everything. What are you? I couldn’t figure that out.”

          Ms. Yui slips off her desk, “I knew I’d be found out one day. No guesses?”

          “Wait, so you are immortal?” Paige asks; her face showing nothing but shock.

          “Why, yes,” Ms. Yui laughs. “In fact, I am a rare mythical creature, that aren’t myths, but that is beside the point. I am-”

          Before the teacher can finish, the door to the classroom flies open and crashes against the wall.

          “All of you, in the hall, line up, now!” The soldier that showed up days ago is the one who has barged in. “Move it! I don’t have all day.


I am so sorry, again, for the long time that has passed since the last chapter was posted. I wasn't going to post for this story until I had it all written out and typed up. And now I do! So, be prepared for chapters every few days. Also, if you go to my mumbles, you can vote for my next story. I'll also be getting back to another story of mine, Family. Anyways, sorry for the wait! Hope you enjoyed. :D

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