The year is 2021, and a third World War is in full swing. A group of teenagers have been able to live in the country and escape most of the crazy war lifestyle. They reside in a large mansion owned by the King and Queen of the Republic of England. There's a school being run, and a lot of kids running around. There will be a turn in the war soon. It's going to be a revolt from the creatures most people don't even believe in.


10. Meeting Creatures

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          “This is crazy,” Riley smiles at the group of zombies in front of her. “You are nothing like what I’ve been told.”

          “Yeah, well, we are just undead,” a first zombie girl speaks up. “We aren’t all decayed.”

          “Can you die again?” Riley bites her cheek. “Sorry, is that rude?”

          “Not at all,” a second zombie girl chuckles. “Unless our brain is destroyed, we will be fine.”

          “Do you mind telling me your names?”

          “Sorry, no can do,” the one boy of the group shakes his head. “None of us remember, and we don’t care. Names don’t matter.”

          “Besides, enough about us,” the first zombie girl smiles. “You are one of the people, the humans. Lucas has been telling us all about you four. He says you and the other four are our ticket to freedom. So, what can you do?”

          “Like, my skill,” Riley looks around at all the zombies in front of her. A few new ones have shown up.

          “Yeah,” a few zombie girls nod.

          “Well, with my guitar, I can play anything that has some sort of rhythm, and with singing, I can control people,” Riley snaps and points to the sky in thought. “In fact, have any of you seen Lucas with a guitar?”

          “Um, the second zombie girl that spoke up raises her hand. “I think I did.”

          Riley focuses on the zombie girl. She notices the missing fingers on her raised hand, the scar on the zombie’s neck, and how her skin is quite pale. “You did? Great.”

          “May I ask why you need that certain guitar?”

          “Without it, my skill is useless. The guitar has, magic in it. I’m the only one who can use it, though. So, I’m not totally useless,” Riley chuckles.

          “So cool!” Most of the zombie group shouts out.

          “Yeah,” Riley shyly smiles as her cheeks heat up. “Anyways, I’d love to talk to all of you later. But I need to go get my guitar.” She turns on her heel and rushes off to find Lucas.

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          “I really like this,” Paige smiles and gently pets the unicorn. “I’ve always wanted to meet a unicorn, and now there are so many around me. Plus, Pegasus’s are here as well.”

          “I think it is super cute how excited you are getting over all of this,” Bella smiles at Paige. “Like a small child.”

          “You aren’t loving this camp? How are you not excited?”

          “I am loving this camp,” Bella gives Paige a light shove. “I just, I guess, I am so anxious. Makes it hard to enjoy anything.”

          “Ah, so you need to relax,” Paige grabs Bella’s wrist. “I remember reading that petting an animal can help you calm down and relax. That’s why some super anxious people have service dogs.” She places Bella’s hand on the unicorn.

          “I know,” Bella chuckles and begins petting the unicorn once Paige releases her. “No surprise that you know.”

          “Oh shut up,” Paige sticks her tongue out at the other girl for a few seconds. “Hey, do you think they have here. Like a two or three headed dog.”

          “I’m sure they do.”

          “Where do you think they’re hiding? I’ve always wanted to see those creatures too. There’s just so much I haven’t been able to do. Thanks to everything that has happened to me.”

          Bella watches in silence as Paige’s jaw clenches and her eyes gloss over with the threat of impending tears.

          The unicorn notices the negative energy and turns to nuzzles Paige’s arm.

          “I think she has read the same thing you did, Paige,” Bella chuckles and the tension floats away.

          “Oh,” Paige giggles. “I guess she has.”

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          “So, I’ve been noticing an even mix of males and females here,” Daniel glances at Lucas. “Which is impressive. Women, ah, females,” he smiles as mermaids jump out of the water and do some tricks. “There is never as many females as males.”

          “Thanks?” Lucas looks over at his friend. His eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

          “Just an interesting observation I’ve made,” Daniel shrugs. “Anyways, have you spent a lot of time with your girlfriend since we’ve arrived?”

          “Riley is my friend,” Lucas looks away and groans. “I’ve seen her a few times. She was over at my tent to retrieve her guitar before I went here with you.”

          “Nothing else?”

          “No,” Lucas thinks back to his run in with Riley. “She was wondering when we all could hang out. Like we did back at the mansion.”

          “Those times are kind of dead.”

          “I know, but we are still best friends. We’ll have a day where we all hang out.”

          “I heard about a celebration for us humans. Is that true?”

          “It is. I’ve got my best hunters out getting the meat today. We’ll have a great feast tomorrow night. My best chefs have been planning the menu for a few days now.”

          “Are you the leader, Lucas?”

          “In a way, yes. This is my destiny, and everyone knows it. I’m the one who is going to lead all of the people and creatures here to freedom. I am the one who is going to make world peace a reality.”

          “How do you know?” Daniel looks away from the mermaids.

          “Visions, and legends passed down through many creatures.”

          “How come you are so special?”

          “I was born a vampire, like humans are born. But, I never age, because of something that happened long ago. I mean, I age, but my body doesn’t. So, that is what the legends say.”

          “That’s why you have a heartbeat, and bleed,” Daniel nods a few times. “Is it stressful knowing that you have to save the world?”

          “I’m not saving the world, Daniel,” Lucas sighs. “I am just going to bring peace to it.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! :D
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