The year is 2021, and a third World War is in full swing. A group of teenagers have been able to live in the country and escape most of the crazy war lifestyle. They reside in a large mansion owned by the King and Queen of the Republic of England. There's a school being run, and a lot of kids running around. There will be a turn in the war soon. It's going to be a revolt from the creatures most people don't even believe in.


16. Epilogue

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“Alright class,” Ms. Yui claps to get the attention of her students. She has continued to teach at the mansion that is now a full time boarding school. Peace Peak Academy is one of the many schools’ around the world that helps kids with whatever skills, powers, or creature problems they may have.

          “Ms. Yui, Ms. Yui,” a little girl in the front row waves her hand wildly.

          “Yes, Max,” Ms. Yui leans up against her desk. The small smile on her lips is difficult to see.

          “Can we please learn about the end of the Last World War? My mom grew up during it, and I want to know about it,” Max, who is ten years old, flashes her lopsided smile.

          “Why not,” Ms. Yui giggles. “First, does anyone know it ended?”

          A teen boy, Lloyd, in the back raises his hand.

          “Lloyd,” the teacher points to the boy.

          “Well, I don’t know how it ended, but I do know the ones who ended it went here. You taught them. They sat in this room, slept in the dorms, and lived so many years here.”

“That is true. They were lovely kids, just like all of you. But, we’ll get to them, and how they united the whole world. I just want the simple explanation of how the war end.”

          “Well, I think we can help,” Lucas smirks as he walks into the classroom. “After the army got us, we escaped as soon as we could. The creature camp I lead, now a park, being where we headed.”

          “Then, we trained and met so many amazing people,” Paige bounds in through a different door than Lucas. “Harmony is possible for everyone. As there is now world peace.”

          “Then I messed up,” Riley enters the same door as Lucas, walking right up to him and grabbing his hand. “I sold my soul to Lucifer to become immortal and a witch. It all worked out, but don’t do it kids,” she smiles and points around at the students.

          All the kids giggle, looking on quite intrigued. They can’t believe the ones who saved the world are standing before them.

          “Then, Lucas and Riley finally got together,” Daniel enters the room by Paige. “It was super cute and all that, but we had a war to win. So, they pushed it aside, and we headed to take down the man.”

          “We made it to his building, and had a good fight to get in,” Bella steps into the room by Daniel and Paige. “Then, Jacob Demmon, the man, had us fight him. I wish we didn’t have to kill him, but it couldn’t be helped.”

          “And that’s when we took over,” Lucas intertwines his fingers with Riley’s. “Declaring the United Nations of Earth and world peace. So, because everything has finally calmed down, we decided to come visit our favorite teacher. She’s the reason we did anything. Without her, the mansion would be nothing, and this amazing group would have never ended the war.

          Ms. Yui has had a hand over her mouth the whole time as her past students entered the room. Tears have slowly been trailing her hand to speak to the kids she’s missed so much. “Welcome home, kids. It’s been too long. Please, catch me up more on all you’ve done since you all left. Oh, I’ve missed you all so much.”

          “We missed you too, Ms. Yui,” the five sweetly smile.

          “It’s good to be home,” Riley looks over all the kids faces. “Daylight always seems to shine a path right here. Right back to home.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* And that is it. I hope you enjoyed! I'm going to write a proper author's note next. :)
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