The year is 2021, and a third World War is in full swing. A group of teenagers have been able to live in the country and escape most of the crazy war lifestyle. They reside in a large mansion owned by the King and Queen of the Republic of England. There's a school being run, and a lot of kids running around. There will be a turn in the war soon. It's going to be a revolt from the creatures most people don't even believe in.


11. Celebration

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          “Okay, so, I’m sure you are all up to date with the war?” Lucas looks around at his friends.

          “Of course,” Riley answers. “The military told us.”

          “They forgot something though. Where the guy who is keeping this fighting alive. He wants all us creatures gone.”

          “So, where is he?” Bella takes in the maps on the table in the only real building in the whole camp.

          “On some island off the coast of Iceland. He’s been there since the start. Just watching everyone fight.”

          “Alright, and what are we going to do about it?” Daniel asks.

          “I know,” Paige runs a hand through her hair. “We are going to train, build our forces to the max, and then storm over to his place and take him down.” There is no emotion in her eyes as she speaks.

          “Correct,” Lucas smiles, “Can you read minds, Paige?”

          Paige giggles and the light is back in her eyes. “I wish sometimes. I just know how this kind of stuff works.”

          “Well, you heard Paige. That is the plan. I give us a month before we head over and get him.”

          “We are going to kill him?” Bella feels her heart pace quicken.

          “Of course not. Unless he doesn’t put us into rule.”

          “Us?” Riley blurts out.

          “Yes, we will rule a peaceful world,” Lucas feels smug for some reason. “That’s how it will work. We all come from different backgrounds, so we are most fit to rule.”

          “Are you sure?” Daniel questions.

          “Yes!” Lucas chuckles. “I’ll be the voice for the creatures. Riley knows politics thanks to her father. She’ll help us all. Paige, with the help of Daniel, can head the military. Daniel, you can also keep us organized. Bella, you can deal with foreign issues,” he nods with a smile on his face. “Oh, and Paige, you can be the voice of the little people.”

          “I like that plan,” Paige begins walking around the room towards a window.

          “So we are the top rulers, but all the countries keep their rulers?” Bella asks.

          “Right,” Lucas grins. “That will ensure we don’t pick the wrong people, but we can take out bad people.”

          “I think it’ll be perfect,” Riley pats Lucas on the shoulder. “Let’s get this plan really rolling.”

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          “This is very new to me,” Riley stands back and watches as kids like her are training.

          “Amazing, isn’t it?” Lucas slowly grabs Riley’s hand. “Paige and Daniel are making them all so much better, though. I’m so happy.”

          “As am I,” Riley gives Lucas’s hand a squeeze. “I am so excited for the party tonight.”

          “It’ll be great. So much food for everyone.”

          “Have you had to feed, without me here?”

          “No. Animal blood has been enough. I’ll be good for a while thanks to all the kills the hunters got.”

          “Good, good.”

          The two go silent as they observe the training that is going on. Paige and Daniel seem to have a good hold on things. The trainees are listening to everything they are being told. Most everyone seems to be improving.

          “Hey guys,” Bella bounds up to the two watchers.

          “Hi Bella,” Riley smiles and looks over at the girl. “Need something?”

          “Um, Lucas is needed. Sorry.”

          “No, it’s fine,” Riley chuckles. “We weren’t doing much.” She wiggles her hand out of Lucas’s grasp.

          “Who needs me?” Lucas lets out a breath.

          “Some other vampires,” Bella answers. “They didn’t explain.”

          “Well, I’ll go,” Lucas looks between the girls. “I’ll see you two at the party later,” he turns on his heel and walks off.

          “Well, I wonder if that’s how it will be when we take over,” Riley runs her fingers through her windblown hair.

          “Most likely,” Bella sighs. “But, we’ll be close, and together more. I think we’ll deal with it.”

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          “Tonight we celebrate the arrival of my friends,” Lucas smiles at the crowd. Him and his friends are at the front for all to see. “The humans that the legend calls for. They are going to help us get the freedom we deserve. And bring peace to the world!”

          The crowd erupts into cheers and shouting that just jumbles together.

          To light up the night, small fires and torches have been set up. Food is placed on long tables all around camp for easy access for all.

          “Tonight, we feast! So, eat your fill!”

          “Yes!” The crowd says as one.

          Lucas sits down in his seat and looks around at his friends. Riley and Paige are on his right while Daniel and Bella are on his left.

          “You are quite good at that,” Riley goes to grab Lucas’s hand but stops short. She’s overly confused on her relationship with him.

          “Thanks,” Lucas smiles a bit bigger.

          “It’s like we’re royalty up here,” Daniel grabs a chicken leg from the food right in front of him.

          “We are quite close to it,” Paige begins dishing whatever food she wants onto her plate. “And we are dressed up,” she smiles.

          “Hey Lucas,” Bella has filled her plate with all she wants to try first. “I’ve been wondering about something you said yesterday.”

          “And what would that be,” Lucas sips some blood-wine.

          “How will we get to the island where the guy is keeping the fighting alive? Pixie dust? Boats?”

          “Oh, many different ways. Some creatures will fly. Others with swim. A few can run across the water. Then, we have a couple ships. Not everyone will fight, so not everyone will need to be transported.”

          “I see, thanks for the answer then,” Bella nods and starts eating.

          The group goes silent and digs into all the food in front of them. None of them have realized how hungry and deprived of good food they really are. They all get three platefuls before they stop eating.

          “Wow, that was so good,” Riley leans back and wipes her lips with a napkin.

          “We have to do that before we cross the ocean and get the man,” Daniel lets out a small burp.

          “Excuse you,” Bella laughs and gives the boy shove.

          “This is nice,” Paige grins and looks down at the four she calls best friends. “All of us hanging out together. The way it should be.”

          “Yeah,” Lucas looks around at his friends. “This is how is should always be.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Hope you liked it! :D
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