The year is 2021, and a third World War is in full swing. A group of teenagers have been able to live in the country and escape most of the crazy war lifestyle. They reside in a large mansion owned by the King and Queen of the Republic of England. There's a school being run, and a lot of kids running around. There will be a turn in the war soon. It's going to be a revolt from the creatures most people don't even believe in.


9. Camp Freedom

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          “You three are pixies,” Paige adjusts her backpack.

          Three girls stand in the middle of the barrack. They have wings that sparkle in the light, and they are all wearing monochromatic dresses.

          “And half human,” the girl wearing the dark blue dress smiles. “My name is Molly.” She brushes some of her long blonde hair out of her face.

          “I’m Krism,” the girl wearing the bright red dress gives a very short wave. Her and Molly both have American accents unlike everyone else in the room.

          “And I am Minx,” the girl wearing the purple dress looks around at everyone. Her brown hair has traces of purple in it.

          “We are here to take you to our camp,” Krism quickly puts her black hair into a bun.

          “Yes,” Riley chuckles. “How will you do that?”

          “We will use our pixie dust,” Molly waves her hand around and sparkles fly around the room.

          “Faith, trust, and pixie dust isn’t bullshit,” Minx grins.

          “So, we get to fly away?” Bella runs a hand through her hair.

          “We shall,” Molly laughs. “So, girls, let’s dust them.”

          In seconds, the four teens are being covered in the weird substance that is pixie dust.

          “Think nom thoughts!” Krism bursts out.

          “She’s talking about happy thoughts,” Molly sighs. “Once we get outside.”

          “Then let’s head out,” Daniel speaks up. “I’m tired of this place,” he pushes past everyone and heads out the door.

          In a few seconds after that, everyone has followed his lead to the night outside.

          “So, think happy thoughts,” Paige begins envisioning her family, and she starts to float.

          “Perfect,” Minx whispers.

          “My turn,” Daniel thinks of his future, how he wants to teach, and his feet lift off the ground.

          “Looks like it’s my turn to try,” Bella pictures her magic helping people and no longer hurting others. She shoots several meters into the air instantly.

          “Hm, so much to think about,” Riley bites her lower lip. “A nom thought.” Her mind begins showing happy memories of her and Lucas. A blush rises to her face as she rises off the ground.

          “Fantastic,” Krism grins. “Now we can head to camp, just don’t lose your happy thoughts. And follow us, of course.”

          In seconds, everyone is in the air, soaring through the sky. Soaring towards freedom.

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          It takes a few hours for the group seven to reach the camp, rightly named Camp Freedom. It takes up most of an island off the coast of Ireland. The inhabitants are not only immortals, but mortals as well. Mythical creatures and normal humans working together to take down a common evil.

          “Landing is easy!” Krism turns to face the four kids. Her flying skill is unsurpassed by any other pixie. “Just release your happy thought, slowly! And you’ll descend.”

          “Oh no,” Paige takes a deep breath and looks down.

          Tents of all shapes and sizes are dotted on the plain. People of all profile are out and about. A simple wooden fence encases the couple acre camp.

          “Tuck and roll if you are going to fast!” Molly slowly begins to drop out of the sky.

          “See you on the ground!” Minx grabs Krism’s hand and pulls her down.

          “Be careful everyone!” Riley forces her brain to think of bad memories to fall out of the air.

          One by one, each kid changes their thoughts from happy to not so. And one by one, they begin to descend.

          Paige is the first of the four to land, and does so too quickly she must tuck and roll. Daniel and Bella touch the ground next; one right after the other. They both have to run so they don’t fall. Last is Riley, whose feet gently touch the ground. She’s like a butterfly gracefully touching down.

          “Hm, easier than expected,” Riley chuckles and looks around.

          The pixies are off to the side talking to some girls that look to be half wolf. Some others are looking on at the kids who just landed, but it is mostly business as usual.

          “Says you,” Paige stands up and brushes some dust off her clothes.

          “It’s like you’ve flown before,” Bella laughs. “You are very skilled.”

          “I’m good at controlling my thoughts,” Riley shrugs. “Where is Lucas?”

          “Can’t sense him?” Daniel teases.

          “Understandable,” Lucas’s voice seems to come from nowhere. “I have been practicing hiding myself.” He instantly appears in front of Riley. “How was the fly over?”

          Riley smirks, “Long, but worth it. How has your time been without us?”

“Interesting. I’ve been leading everyone, and I think we are close to ending this war.”

          “That’s awesome,” Riley throws her arms around Lucas’s neck. “How much longer do you think?”

          “Just a couple weeks,” Lucas pulls Riley off him. “I’m glad you’re here now,” he smiles.

          “Me too. That military camp, base, whatever, was awful.”

          Lucas chuckles and looks at the other three. “Alright guys! Let me show you around camp."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! Sorry it's a little short. :D
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