The year is 2021, and a third World War is in full swing. A group of teenagers have been able to live in the country and escape most of the crazy war lifestyle. They reside in a large mansion owned by the King and Queen of the Republic of England. There's a school being run, and a lot of kids running around. There will be a turn in the war soon. It's going to be a revolt from the creatures most people don't even believe in.


14. An Old Friend

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          Riley, all timid, enters the tent where the witch’s train. There are about thirty girls in the large space, all talking in their own small groups.

          “Um, hell,” Riley clears her throat and all the girls look over at her.

          “Riley!” A girl about Riley’s age comes running from the back. “I can’t believe it!”

          “Penny, is that you?” Riley’s face breaks into a wide smile as the girl comes closer.

          Penny collides with Riley in a long overdue hug. “Damn girl, I never would have guessed it was you.”

          “Well, I never would have guessed you were a witch,” Riley chuckles.

          Years before Riley was sent to the mansion to be protected, she spent most of her days hanging out with one person: Penny. The two would spend every waking moment together. Conjoined at the hip some would whisper as the two skipped by. Then, both were sent away. Riley went off to the mansion to meet her new friends, and Penny was sent to a witch’s camp to then be transferred to the Camp Freedom.

          “It’s been too long,” Riley breaks the hug and looks over old friend.

          Penny smiles, “You still look the same as when we parted ways.”

          “You don’t,” Riley smirks, and then the two burst into giggles.

          Penny’s hair is now perfectly straight and cloud white. She’s an inch or so taller than Riley, but they have the same build. Penny’s eyes are like a color wheel, and her teeth are no longer crooked.

          “This is going to be a lot of fun,” Penny turns and steps back to be next to Riley. “And don’t worry about how you become a witch. You weren’t the first, and you won’t be the last. Lucifer is very convincing.”

          Riley bites her cheek and shrugs.

          “Okay, enough catching up. We’ll do more of it later,” Penny puts her arm around Riley’s shoulder. “So, I’ll introduce you, and then training will begin.”

          “I am ready,” Riley nods.

          “Everyone, listen up!”

          All the girls in the room turn towards the two at the front.

          “This is an old friend of mine, Riley. You will be getting to know her as she’s a brand new witch. Personal introductions for all of you to her will have to wait. Right now, we need to teach her the basics.”

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          “I know this is a month later than we all had planned,” Lucas is floating above everyone. A big smile on his face as the crowd looks on in awe. “But, we ran into some roadblocks, and we needed a few weeks. Now, tomorrow is finally the day we will end this war. We will get peace!”

          The crowd goes wild. This is what they’ve been waiting for. The struggle they have been fighting is so close to ending.

          “So, tonight we are going to feast!” Lucas shouts to be heard. “Then, we will head to the island. To end this!”

          “Yes!” The crowd shouts as one.

          “Okay, so, eat and be merry! Tomorrow, we win this war!” Lucas claps and begins descending.

          Everyone disperses and starts moving towards the food. The smiles on all of the faces show so many different stories.

          “So, that’s your boyfriend?” Penny asks Riley as they walk away from the buffet.

          Riley giggles, “Um, yeah. Since, the day before I started training with the witches.”

          “That’s so cute!” Penny plops down in the grass by a tree. “Is he as great and sweet as I think he is?”

          Riley sits down next to her friend. “He is. Even before we started dating, he was always so nice to me. We are best friends.”

          “That’s great,” Penny shoves some ham into her mouth. “Your love story is better than most.”

          “Thanks,” Riley takes a bite of potato salad. “Our three other friends have been wanting this to happen for some time.”

          The two proceed to eat in silence. Their plates full of the greatest food their tongues have ever tasted.

          “Um, hey guys,” Paige walks up to the two girls sitting in the grass.

          “Paige,” Riley smiles and pates the space next to her. “Sit down. I haven’t seen you in some time.”

          Paige smiles and sits down right next to Riley. “It has been a while. How has training been?”

          “Wonderful. All the other witches are so nice and helpful because I can’t control my powers that well.”

          “It’ll all work out tomorrow,” Penny rubs Riley’s back. “Also, hello Paige. My name is Penny. Riley and I were friends before the war.”

          “Nice to meet you, Penny,” Paige smiles. “You’ll have to tell me about Riley from before I met her. She’s not told any of us about that time.”

          “The time before the war, ah, those were fun times,” Penny smiles. “Do I have some stories for you.”

          Riley groans, “Am I going to hate this?”

          “I hope so,” Penny smirks.

          “I am all ears then,” Paige giggles.

v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v     v-v    v-v    v-v    v-v

          “This is it,” Riley stares out at the vast sea, gripping the railing.

          “What is it?” Bella steps up next to Riley.

          “The end and change. This war is going to end, and peace is going to envelop the world.”

          “I like that,” Daniel steps up next to Bella. “The way you worded that.”

          “It’s true,” Paige bounds up beside Riley. “That’s why I like it. I can’t wait until the war is done. All I’ve been through has felt like I’d been cursed and seemed pointless, will have turned out to be good for me. I’ll have climbed from the very bottom, to the tip top.”

          “Your parents would be so proud of you Paige,” Riley rests a hand on the shoulder of the young girl. “They gave everything for you to be able to go to the mansion. And you turned out better than anyone could ever imagine.”

          “I agree,” Lucas walks up behind Riley and snakes his arms around her middle. “Paige, you are one fantastic girl. A kickass sword woman, and stronger than anyone I know. I know your parents are beyond proud of you. The same goes for the four of us here.”

          “Thanks guys,” Paige sniffles and whips the few tears off her face. “Even though my parents are no longer here to witness the end of the war, I’ll fight for my siblings, my friends, and everyone else. For peace.”

          “For peace,” Riley leans back into Lucas. “Wait, do you think your siblings are sitting at your childhood home, waiting for you?”

          “I hope so, but I can’t know until this war is ended and I can go visit my old house,” Paige sighs. “See for myself.”

          “Well, that chance is closer than you think,” Lucas grins. “Just a few more hours and then we’ll be at the island.”

          “We should all rest up then,” Bella steps away from the railing. “Maybe get something to eat.”

          “She’s right,” Daniel turns away from the sea and walks to Bella. “If we aren’t well rested we won’t be able to fight.”

          “Just a few more minutes,” Riley pulls Paige into her side. “It is so nice looking at the sea.”

          “It is,” Paige smiles and leans into Riley. “I really like it out here.”

          “When we end this war, we can live in a mansion by the sea,” Lucas kisses the top of Riley’s head. “I promise you two that.”

          “They are like a cute family,” Bella smiles.

          “They are,” Daniel has turned around to take in the scene by the railing. “They all deserve so much happiness.”

          “I am happy for them. I really hope to be like them one day,” Bella wipes the one tear off her cheek that has escaped her eye.

          “You will be,” Daniel grabs Bella’s hand and gives it a squeeze. “I believe we will all be living the greatest life possible for us. Once this war is over and we are in control.”

          “I believe that to,” Bella wiggles her hand around to intertwine her fingers with Daniel. “We’ve worked so hard and deserve a good life. So, I can’t wait to finish this damn war.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Hope you liked it! :D Two more chapters left.
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