The year is 2021, and a third World War is in full swing. A group of teenagers have been able to live in the country and escape most of the crazy war lifestyle. They reside in a large mansion owned by the King and Queen of the Republic of England. There's a school being run, and a lot of kids running around. There will be a turn in the war soon. It's going to be a revolt from the creatures most people don't even believe in.


13. A Witch!?

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          “Riley, you feel, different,” Lucas looks over at the girl looking over his bookshelf.

          The whole day has been a rainy mess, and it would happen days before they are set to head out to the island off Iceland.

          A bolt of lightning strikes nearby, and then a deafening crash of thunder fills the night.

          “Different?” Riley picks a book off the shelf. “How?”

          “I’m not sure, but I don’t think you are telling me the whole truth about the one night you went on a walk. The way your blood feels to me without even biting you, is strange. Not the way it has always felt to me.”

          “Well, nothing happened that night,” Riley bites her lip.

          “You are positive? You didn’t by some chance, run into Lucifer?”

          Riley’s heart skips a beat and her stomach flips. “No, not a single soul.”

          “Well, he doesn’t have soul, so that would fit. Please, Riley, if you talked to him, tell me. He’s evil. He tricks mortals for a soul.”

          “Well, good thing he didn’t show his handsome face.”

          “Handsome? Riley, what is going on?”

          “Nothing,” Riley places the book back on the shelf and takes a deep breath.

          “Come on. Why are you acting like this?”

          “Like what? Myself?” She spins around to face the vampire boy. “I’m finally feeling like I’m being useful, and you think I’m lying and it hurts.”

          “Then tell me the truth!” Lucas can’t help raising his voice.

          “I am,” Riley clenches his fists.

          “No, you are not!”

          The two continue to glare at each other; both fuming. Silence engulfs them for what seems like an eternity, and neither wants to break it first.

          Until Riley can’t take the judging anymore.

          “I just wanted to be helpful!” She bursts, tears pricking the edges of her eyes, and runs out of Lucas’s tent.

          “Riley!” Lucas is slow to react, but rushes after his friend. Out into the pouring rain.

          Riley in her anger, has released her hold on her power, and is beginning to flout into the air. “I want to help, and by giving my soul to Lucifer, he made that possible! I’m sorry!” Riley is now drenched and has caught the attention of many creatures. Her other three friends have also made their way outside.

          “Riley, I warned you!” Lucas runs a hand through his soaked hair. “You should have walked away!”

          “What’s going on?” Paige walks up to Lucas. Bella and Daniel are not far behind.

          “I couldn’t!” Riley is now seven meters in the air. Tears are streaming down her face. “I had to change so I could help!”

          “What is happening?” Daniel pokes Bella and points to the sky.

          “Oh,” Bella mumbles a spell and shields the four on the ground from the rain.

          “She sold her soul to Lucifer to change into something,” Lucas clenches his jaw. “Now she’s immortal for sure, but also something else.”

          “You want to know so bad!” Riley seems to have a force field around her, so she’s not longer getting pelted by rain. Her hands are raised away from her side, pals to the sky, and blue flames are shooting out in quick, small bursts. The color of her eyes has changed to a deep purple; her hair is mainly raised up, but some of it is whipping around.

          “Yes,” Lucas whispers.

          “Tell us!” Paige cries out.

          Riley lets out a deranged laugh. “No guesses? Aw, fine,” she pouts for a second. “I’m a witch!”

          “Great,” Lucas groans.

          “She could be worse,” Bella tries to console the others on Riley’s situation. “I mean, she’s not much different than before.”

          “I just don’t get it. She said she wanted to be helpful, but she already was. I just don’t get it,” Lucas shakes his head a few times.

          “I did it for you, Lucas,” Riley’s voice is much calmer now. “I’ve been standing by watching everything happen, and doing nothing. My skill isn’t very helpful right now, and I couldn’t wait anymore. But now, Lucas, you and I, we can rule together. King and queen of the new world when we win this war.”

          “No, Riley. We won’t rule together. It won’t work. That’s why we decided to rule as a group. I will not rule with you.”

          “You, won’t,” Riley’s face drops, and she feels her heart break. “I did this for. I changed for you!” She screams, tears beginning to stream down her face again. The flames in her hands grow significantly bigger.

          “You didn’t need to change for me!” Lucas screams back. A few tears escape his own eyes. “Riley, I wish we would have talked more before this happened, but as that is the past, there’s nothing I can change. I love you, though! I loved you before you changed, and now I’ll love you for the rest of eternity! I was afraid of the day I’d lose you, but I was determined to save you somehow. That doesn’t matter anymore of course. Please, calm down and come down,” he angrily wipes the tears off his face. “I forgive you.”

          “Finally,” Daniel mumbles with a smirk.

          “You, love me?” The flames in Riley’s hands slowly diminish, and her hair slowly stops whipping around. “I, I love you,” her mouth curls up into a teary smile.

The force field around Riley is now gone, and she’s descending at a good pace. Thunder is still crashing off in the distance, and lighting is still striking, but the rain has slowed to a sprinkle.

          Then, just like when the four teens arrived on the island, Riley lands on the ground gracefully. When her head has cleared and she’s caught her breath, she sprints over to Lucas.

          “Was it true, what you said?” Riley chokes out.

          “Of course, I’d never lie to you,” Lucas cups Riley’s face gently in his hands. “I wish I could’ve been brave enough to tell you long ago. I was so afraid of the day you’d leave.”

          “Now, I’ll never leave,” she pushes up onto her toes. “So, does this mean we can kiss now?”

          Lucas smirks and just leans in to connect their lips.

          “Took them long enough,” Bella chuckles.

          “I agree,” Paige smiles. “It seemed like this may never happen.”

          “Love works in crazy ways,” Daniel shrugs. “I’m glad they finally realized that they were meant for each other."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~* Hope you liked it! I had this scene planned out in my head even before I started writing this story. I am glad that you guys are finally reading it. :D
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