Fit for a Prince | Larry AU

"Why are you so nice to me? I don't deserve your kindness and I definitely don't deserve your help, nor do I need it."

"Everyone deserves some kindness, don't you think? Wouldn't you like a friend, at least?"

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2. Prologue | Abandoned


"I don't understand," Louis said, his voice low and unstable. His mother and father were dragging him along, almost forcefully, because Louis wasn't abiding with this. Well, who would be?


Louis was at his weakest point right now and his parents knew it, so it made it quite easier for them to take advantage of him. It's not like Louis was all that strong anyways; he was small. "You don't understand? This is the seventh time you have stolen from a merchant Louis, we cannot live with this any longer!" His father nearly yelled at him, because it was obvious the grown man was quite fed up with the younger boy's thieving behavior. Louis frowned at this, immediately looking at his mother for any type of sympathy, even support, but it was nowhere to be found. Louis was crying at this point, because they didn't understand. He stole because they were dirt poor, not because he was greedy. Didn't his parents see his behavior was coming from the good in his heart?


Louis tried to put up a fight when they took him into an unknown village, which caused quite a scene. They were in what seemed to be the town square, and everyone was watching. "You can't do this to me!" Louis screamed as his parents threw him to the ground, Louis being quick to get up. By the time he dusted off his knees and looked up, his parents were not to be seen.


He was alone.


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