"She's fun and hot like the summer"

"She's chilly but pretty like fall"

"She's cold and mysterious, but beautiful like winter"

"She's warm and sweet like spring"

They are one of a kind


2. New chapter

Autumn POV

"Summer Jay Miller, Autumn Ginger Miller, Winter Blue Miller, Spring Rosemary Miller get downstairs now please" I hear my dad yell from downstairs

I groan and get up and out of my almost finished room.

Soon I join my sisters in the hallway and we all walk down the stairs. I smell...waffles

"Dad you made breakfast?" Spring eyes widen at the table settled up

"Sure did princess" Dad smiles

"Dad I do the cooking around here" Summer smiles with her arms crossed

"I know, but I just wanted to do something special for you girls

We all sat down and ate, dad hasn't cooked sense mom left

"So as you girls know I'm gonna be an Assistant Manager for this new banking company" he begins

"Hopefully in the future you will be Thomas Green Miller, the manager" I say and he smiles

"Hopefully, anyways I start tomorrow afternoon. I will be very busy catching up on what the previous assistant was doing, so please forgive me if I don't have time to spend time with you guys" he says and Winter frowns

"How long will that take?" She asks, dad shrugs

"Three weeks max"

She sighs and nods

"Why don't you girls go to the park? I hear it's a beautiful day. Go meet people"

After breakfasts we get ready

We all like wearing outfits that match our names. I put on a regular black t shirt with a brown and red flannel and wrapped it around my waist

I had distress jean shorts and brown flats

While I was putting a braid, I look out my window and my heart pounds

The was a boy, he had brown hair and brown eyes with tan skin. Also a couple tattoos

He was shirtless and combing his hair

Then, he glanced this way and quickly looked back

We started at each other for awhile

I smile and do a little wave

He smiles back and then three other boys barged in his room

They immediately saw me and begin waving and poking the boys side

His face turns red and I giggle and close my curtains

I walk out and down stairs to see my sisters waiting for me by the door

Summer had a neon pink tank top with look good on her tan skin. She also had dark jean shorts and cute sandals. Her hair was down and natural wavy with a side part

Winter had a light blue crop top and white shorts with white converse, she showed just a little belly button and put her hair in a messy high ponytail

Spring had a white long sleeved crop top and a high waisted floral skirt with her white converse. Her hair down and flowy

"Bye daddy!" We all yell out as we walked out of the house and to the park

When we got there it was beautiful. Green everywhere and flowers

There was even an ice cream shop and we got some ice cream

We found some swings and swung on it for awhile and finished up our ice cream

"This place is great" I say and they nod

"I think I saw a pool over there somewhere" says Winter and Summer smiles, she loves swimming

"This is gonna be a great summer, and there are so many pretty ladies here! Maybe dad can find someone new" Spring says and Winter rolls her eyes

"Dad is super picky with his women" she says and Spring shrugs

"Holy shit" Summer mumbles

"What?" Our eyes land on a group of boys

It's that tan boy, our neighbor. He's here with his friends

"He's so cute" Summer giggles

"Which one?"

"The one with red hair and the tattoos" He was

The tan one meets eyes with me and he looked shocked

Then he smiles and I smile back

His friends spot us and whisper to each other, now they are making their way towards us

"Brace yourself Summer" Winter giggles

"Shut up Winter" she snaps

"Hey" the tan one says to me "I'm Calum"

"I'm Michael"



"Hi I'm Autumn and these are my sisters"




They looked surprised

"You're named after seasons, cool" Luke says

"So are you guys new? Like to Australia" asks Ashton

"Yeah, we are from Florida" Spring answers

Ashton smiles at her

"So I guess we are neighbors" Calum says

"Really? Cool" Winter says

"Would you like to show us around? We would love a tour of this place" Summer says biting her lip and starting at Michael

Michael smiles at her "Yeah we could"

"I know everything about this place, I own this place because of my good looks and muscles" Ashton jokes and the boys just roll their eyes and laugh

"I wouldn't be surprised" Spring says and Ashton blushes

Ashton definitely likes Spring, but he looks 21 and she's 15

Although she does look older, like 18. It's because she's tall for her age and way more mature than half of the slutty immature 15 year olds in this world

I wanna say something, but that would be embarrassing for all of us

"Anyways" Luke starts as we walk "Over there we have a pool, there a trail, behind us was the park, and around here you will find a tennis and soccer field"

"Soccer?" Me and Winter say at the same time. Me and Winter love soccer. We were both on a team back in Florida and we have a scholarship for it. Summer and Spring were in sports too. Summer was on the swim team and Spring was on tennis but quit and did cheerleading

"You guys play?" Luke asks and Winter nods

"We one many champion games, we have the trophies and scholarships to prove it" she smiles, her arms crossed

Calum raises an eyebrow and smirks and looks over at Luke who has the same look

"How about a two on two?" Calum asks

"You are so on" I say

This is gonna be fun.

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