"She's fun and hot like the summer"

"She's chilly but pretty like fall"

"She's cold and mysterious, but beautiful like winter"

"She's warm and sweet like spring"

They are one of a kind


1. New chapter

Hi my name is Autumn, I am one of 4 sisters and we are named after seasons

My oldest sister Summer was born on the first day of summer. She has tan skin and brown hair with pink ends and brown eyes. She just turned 19

I'm the second oldest, I was born on the first day of autumn or fall, whichever you call it. I have light brown hair, tannish skin, and hazel eyes. I'm 18

Then there's Winter, she was born on the first day of Winter. She has natural brown hair but she dyes it all blonde. She also has icy blue eyes. She is also 18

Last but not least there is Spring, who was obviously born the first day of Spring. She has olive skin and light brown hair, she has the greenest eyes and the prettiest smile. She's the youngest, she's 15

I know it's so weird we were all born on the first days of seasons, and we are named after them. But I guess that's what makes us special. Even though we fight sometimes, we are all best friends.

It's never been just Summer or Autumn or Winter or Spring. It's Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. The four of us always side by side

Anyways our mom gave us our names. She is the most beautiful woman I know. She has all of our features, dark brown hair like Summer, tannish skin like me, icy blue eyes like Winter, and a pretty smile just like Spring. My dad has olive skin and hazel eyes with brown hair too, he is handsome

One day, Mom left us. She feel in love with another man and moved out. It left us all devastated, especially for Spring who was 10 when she left. She was mommy's little angel

Summer was positive about it, she kept trying to cheer everybody up. Winter was angry, she then hated mom for leaving and always had tantrums and threw things. Me and dad were just, surprised and shocked...confused. Spring was just...sad, she would often cry at night.

Anyways that was five years ago, we moved to Sydney Australia to start a new life. We moved in a very nice house that has five bedrooms. We were glad to have our own rooms sense me and Summer always shared a room and so did Winter and Spring. My dad starts a new job soon and we are all excited.

This is going to be a great summer

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