Jeff the Killer: ~Is This Love~ (Updated YAY!!!)

17 year old Riley Brooks is alone, scared, and living in a house of hell with her parents and older brother. What else is there to do but just wait for her body to give out and collapse from the pain -but when a creepy pasta character walks into her life, his curious and charming perspective may be just the thing to make her get back up.....


1. Riley Brooks

Walking home from school today I acquired a scrape on my hand, a bloody knee, at least 4 bruises, and a bloody nose. Not my worst day. Im used to the average bullies in the hallways, but today is Halloween, my favorite Holliday.....(sarcasm)... And every year I get beat up and pushed around because of my "appearance." Finally after around 15 minutes I saw my house around the corner peeking through the huge forest that wraps around my house, making the Windows impossible to open because of all the tree sap that has tightly bound them closed over the years. I climbed up my special treehouse/room and sobbed for a while before climbing down to go eat "dinner." Usually my mom feeds my brother, than I eat what he doesn't, if he leaves me anything. Or I just go without food. Tonight was just a ham sandwich and some diet cokes, so I went to bed hungry... Again. My treehouse has a padded roof to protect from rain, and two windows, both always open because I never had any frames to attach to them, and my curtains are made of tinfoil and string because I can't afford a nice set. I lay down on my brothers old bed sets and pillows layered up to be comfortable I blow out the candle that lights my room as I hear "things" coming from my brothers room. Today was okay, but tomorrow is right around the corner.

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