Jeff the Killer: ~Is This Love~ (Updated YAY!!!)

17 year old Riley Brooks is alone, scared, and living in a house of hell with her parents and older brother. What else is there to do but just wait for her body to give out and collapse from the pain -but when a creepy pasta character walks into her life, his curious and charming perspective may be just the thing to make her get back up.....


3. Remember Me?

I have been out of the hospital for a week now, living alone in my house off of food stamps and unemployment. I like the dark, but it can be hard to see so I keep some lights on. As I stand by the window, looking out through the trees I can see the sky turning a very dark grey, clouds covering up the sun as the temperature drops to below 40. I walk to my thermostat on the kitchen wall and turn on the heat, but there is no sound. it starts to rain very hard as i hear thunder, so i quickly make my way through the garage for a screwdriver and flashlight. I walk to my front door placing the screwdriver on a chair and open the door. I signal four times with my flashlight into the rain and as expected a dog and cat come running in. These are my only friends. I took them to the bathroom and cleaned them up and gave them food. Returning to my business I grabbed the chair I had placed the screwdriver on and dragged it across the new carpeting into my room, closing the door behind me. I positioned the chair under the vent which was across from my bed and I climbed up. I had done this before for my parents if the air was not working. I first tried using my nails to open the vent, hurting my fingers and breaking a nail. "Well that didn't work," I said climbing down from the chair. I walked to my bathroom, conveniently attached to my room, to bandage my finger. I walked back and used the tool i had gotten to then open the vent, and then I remembered I had left my flashlight in the hallways bathroom from when I had helped my stray friends. Jumping down from the chair once more I headed for my door. Suddenly I heard such a loud noise I almost jumped and let out a scream, but only a small wince went out. And so did the power.

I opened my door and walked out into the dark hoping I was heading towards the bathroom. I stepped in a puddle of some sort on my way over but I eventually found the bathroom. I searched the counter until the flashlight was in my hands and I turned it on. Horrified at what I saw before me I stopped, just stood still for a second. With my light i saw that across my hall was a trail of bloody footprints, and the worst part was that they were mine. I looked down at my feet and saw them covered in the deepest red blood i could imagine. I followed the prints back to my room where, outside the door I saw my only two friends dead. Their throats slashed in a familiar fashion. I decided to throw the flashlight onto my bed because I couldn't carry all three items at once, and get a bag from my kitchen. Once I made my way to the kitchen I was getting used to the dark again. I got the bag and carefully placed the animals inside. Then I threw them into the trash, they never had a real home anyways, that's why we were friends. Because there were no other obligations I had I went back to my room to look at the vent. I grabbed the light from my bed and made my way to the chair. I stood atop the chair for a second trying to turn the light on and before I could shine it into the vent I looked up and saw a pair of dark eyes and was thrown onto my bed. I was fading fast, for my head had slammed against the wall. I remember before It all went black the words out of his mouth.

"Oh my pet, remember me?"

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