Jeff the Killer: ~Is This Love~ (Updated YAY!!!)

17 year old Riley Brooks is alone, scared, and living in a house of hell with her parents and older brother. What else is there to do but just wait for her body to give out and collapse from the pain -but when a creepy pasta character walks into her life, his curious and charming perspective may be just the thing to make her get back up.....


4. Burned

 "Look! Look! She's alive!' I heard someone say. I couldn't quite see where I was, but my vision was coming back to me. "J, you really need to learn to not hit peoples head too hard, especially when you--" "SHhhhhh, she's trying to say something" I heard two voices say. I knew one was Jeff, but I didn't know the other one. I opened my eyes and it was pitch black, I couldn't see anything, and all I could get out of my mouth was a wince. "Is she okay J??" I heard the unknown say. "hmmm" I heard Jeff mutter, but I couldn't make out his words. Suddenly i felt something on top of me, it was warm, and at the same time I realized how cold it was. They had given me a blanket. I warmed up for a minute and then decided to speak. "Where am I? and where are you?" I said. There was a shuffling, and suddenly i felt two warm bodies on both sides of me. "Hi! I'm Toby, and you are?" I heard, right in my ear. "My names Riley, Riley Brooks. What am I doing here?" I asked, then i felt Toby leave my side and a door closed. Suddenly a chill went down my spine when I felt someone get under the blanket with me. "Who's there?" I said softly. "Oh sweetheart, don't you know who I am already" he said. "Jeff..." I muttered. "You don't seem too happy pet. Maybe I can change that, I feel you shivering." He said. He moved closer to me until, with a swift move, I was laying against his chest. His chest was hard, and I could feel his abs, warmth wrapped me up like another blanket and I felt safe. "Better?" "Much" I whispered, actually managing to fall asleep, somehow I felt like I needed it. 

The next morning I woke up in a large room, no windows, and a door in the corner. Jeff was not there, and yet I still felt safe. It was not very bright but there were two candles on opposing corners of the room. It was no longer as cold as it was the night before so I decided to get up and see where I was. I tried to slowly open the door but it was locked. Not surprised I sat down on the blanket near a candle and started playing with the hot wax. Trying not to burn myself I used the edge of the blanket to cool down a drip of wax off the candle so i could shape it. Looking down at my leg while doing so I saw something that surprised me, my birthday had been carved into me by my brother at age 13, and it was tomorrow. I'd finally be 18.

Suddenly the door of the room opened and i jumped a little, spilling the hot wax all over my leg. I let out a huge scream as Jeff and Toby moved the candle away from me and got the wax off. I knew they saw my leg. A single tear ran down my cheek as Toby left the room and Jeff wiped my cheek with his thumb. He looked into my eyes and said "I don't plan on losing you any time soon pet, so please don't go around getting burnt by anything anymore okay" 

"okay" I said. 

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