Fallen Skinny

Hey....my names Bree. I consider myself as a emo, only because of everyone at school. Everyone calls me names and I've gotten really depressed.


4. Why?

Well...your right I haven't...

Look at me right now, I need to see you, you need to see me.


Bree, I will pin you down and force you if you don't.

Oh come on......no you won't Alex...to ugly anyway.

Okay, that's it *Alex pins me onto my bed and looks at me while I look at him.

I'm pretty sure I was in shock.

Now Bree, *he sits up and I do to onto my knees.

I'm no idiot and I know why your here, you know why i'm here.

Pull up your hoodie and its sleeves.

What do you mean? 

Bree you know what I mean.

How do YOU know??

You said you thought you were ugly earlier, not true by the way....

But anyway also your look and you were holding onto your sleeves like you didn't want them being pulled up.

Well I guess.....*I do what he asked*

Then I pulled my hood back up and and threw myself into Alex's lap silently crying "I didn't want this...."

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