Fallen Skinny

Hey....my names Bree. I consider myself as a emo, only because of everyone at school. Everyone calls me names and I've gotten really depressed.


3. Dark

I walk up to my room to realize it says on the room door Bree and Alex on it.

We have roommates??

I pull up the hood on my hoodie and walk in looking down.

Then I bump into somthing and look up.

Oh..i'm sorry erm Alex?

Yeah, nice to meet you Bree, come in and sit down, we have the rest of the day by are self.

Okay...."I sit down onto my bed and put my hoodie back up.

Alex sits down next to me and pulls my hoodie down, so I turned to him mad but lightly blushing.

Awe look whos blushin, come on I wanna bond with you and I can't with your hood up.

How are you acting so happy?

Well Bree.....I guess you haven't really looked at me yet.....





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