Fallen Skinny

Hey....my names Bree. I consider myself as a emo, only because of everyone at school. Everyone calls me names and I've gotten really depressed.


2. Camp

I arrive at my "camp" called risen lives. 

My mom starts talking like "Sweety i'm going to miss you so much just you need hel-" 

Then I realized my hoodies sleeves were rolled up and my mom gasped in horror.

I quickly grabbed my bags and said "I love you mom see you in a month".

As I said that I stepped out of the car and closed the door walking up to the main area.

If you didn't guess yet, my mom didn't know about the cutting, only that I was bullied and not eating as much.

when I get to the main hallway and well....oversized lady said "well you must be the new girl bree?"

Uh-uh yeah i'm Bree my mom just dropped me o-

Okay okay let me bring you to your room right away and when it's time to eat someone will come and get you.

I- okay thank you miss......



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