winter is a girl her life is a living nightmare.


1. Alone

                                         This story is about self harm depression etc.


           She sat in her room alone nobody around her her parents were out and she didn't have many friends. She had a razor in her hand ready to go ready to say goodbye. She cut her arm once twice she watched the blood run down her arm and then made another cut. She fell to the floor and the world around her went black. But she wasn't alone her best friend stood in the doorway crying he ran to her and pick her up and flew throught the door to take her to the hospital. (Her best friends name is Jake.) "You are gonna be alright" Jake said. But he didn't know that. They arrived at the hospital and Jake started screaming " HELP HELP SOMEBODY HELP". Docter's came rushing out and took her into stitch her up and try to save her. Jake knew that he couldn't go in with her but he really wanted to. Almost 4 hours later the docter came out and said "It was a merical that she survived. She's in there resting right now but you can go see her''. ''Thank you so much'' said Jake. Jake walked into the room and sat down by her bed and said "I don't know what i would have done if you would have died''. He waited for hours and she finally woke up. "I'm so happy you're alive  Winter promise me something''.  ''Anything" ''promise me that you will never cut again.'' ''Its alot to promise but ill try''







      A/N i hope you enjoyed this was the first chapter I've ever done if you enjoyed like and give me feedback. Thanks i love you all.

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