The Inside is What Matters

Adalynn Smith has always been deemed as the outcast. She is a nerd, very smart indeed, but, people can't seem to admit that she is actually pretty. Of course, the young girl doesn't care about her looks, but everybody around her does. In fact, she has a secret life that nobody knows about, except for her parents. Adalynn is a model, although not the Victoria Secrets model, who strip in public. She is just a regular fashion model. Most people, would expect her to gloat, to boast, to force her bullies to admit how pretty she is, but, she keeps it a secret. What happens when she will be forced to tutor her number one bully, the bad boy of the school?
Alexander Johnson is the schools bad boy. He is the biggest bully throughout the school, and is failing one class. This class, is the class that Adalynn has to tutor him in. Will he notice the girl's absences over time?
What will happen between the two teenagers? Will they find love? Will Alexander stop bullying Adalynn? Find out.


1. Prologue

It was December, the cold chilly wind brought chills to everybody who walked outside. This was no different if you were inside. Adalynn Smith sat up to her alarm clock going off early in the morning. This young girl, was a definite nerd in the eyes of some people, although she may be pretty too. Adalynn has long dark brown hair, that sometimes seemed black in different lighting. Her skin was tanned, and she was slim. Her blue eyes were hidden behind thick square glasses, that hid most of her face.

As Adalynn woke up, she grabbed her glasses, slipping them onto her face as she climbed out of bed. Many people may ask why she doesn't tell anybody her secret. The only people she has even dared to tell was her own parents, along with her one and only friend, Amelia. The young girl had a rough life. She had been bullied ever since a young age, by the 'popular' kids, although, she never seemed to mind. Today, she would be forced to return to school, to face the bullies she had so desperately wanted to escape.

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