Does He Love Me? (Phan)

Phil has feelings for Dan, but does Dan love him?
Disclaimer : no smut , but making out.
A lot of it.


1. Chapter 1 - But I love him!


Me and Dan are sitting on the sofa it's a Friday night so we just watched some anime.

I look over to him.

His eyes, beautiful.

His Hair, perfect.

Everything about him is perfect.

I wish I knew what thought of me.

I wish I could just fall into his embrace.

But if I even hugged him I suddenly get filled with excitement. How could I date him?

It turned to 2:00am

I should sleep. Dans already knocked out asleep.

I look at him for 10 seconds and suddenly - I FEEL SO ANGRY THAT HE DOEN'T KNOW HOW I FEEL.

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