Bad Blood

"You broke my trust. I can't trust you again."

"I'm sorry. You're more important to me than anything. I miss you."

{One in Song Series}


7. 0.6

I wake up in Ashton's arms. Friday. No more school this week. I can escape for two days starting tomorrow. I get out of his arms and go to my room to change. I put on a dark purple shirt with black skinny jeans and combat boots. I meet Ashton in the hallway and he wraps his arm around me.

"Everything will be alright Jas. Don't think it won't." He says.

We walk downstairs where his parents have breakfast ready. I thank them and sit down.

"Don't forget, you have next week off." Anne says.

I forgot. By the surprise look on Ashton's face, he forgot as well.

"Yes! No school for a week!" Ashton exclaims. "I love fall break!" He throws his hands up in the air, just missing the plate.

"It's not as great as summer vacation though. Can't we just stay on vacation forever?" I ask

"No, you can't. You two are finishing high school whether you want to or not." Anne says, pointing a spoon at us. "Now eat before you'll be late."

We do and leave. "Mae wants to talk to you sometime today." Ashton says. I nod. If she wants to stop being friends, despite what Ashton says, I'll accept. I can't have all my best friends have my back. I need at least one and that's Ashton.

Mae gets in and hands me a note. Before lunch, homeroom. I look at her and nod.

We get to school and I keep my head down, something that doesn't exactly work. Everyone knows that wherever Ashton and/or Mae is, I'm there. Ashton keeps telling me to keep my head up, but I can't. I keep it down despite what he says.

"So Jasmine, I hear your dad got arrested. Living on the streets now?" Avery asks, walking up to us with her clique.

"Shut it Avery. You have no right to keep pushing Jasmine down. And her dad? That happened two weeks ago. Get over it." Ashton says, stepping up to her.

"What, too weak to fight your own battles now? What happened to Calum? Oh, that's right, he betrayed you. I'm surprised that these two are still around." Avery says.

"Leave her alone Avery. What happened to your end of the deal?" A voice says, pushing past us. Ashton catches me before I humilate myself even more.

"You made a deal with her?" Mae asks.

Calum turns around. "I didn't have much choice if I wanted her to stop, did I?"

"Everyone has choices Calum! You couldn't have chosen a different deal? Great that you tried to get it to stop, but spilling that secret is not the way to go!" Mae exclaims.

"I'm sorry! I should've thought about it, but I didn't! What else do you want me to do?" Calum asks, looking at me.

I push past him and walk away, taking the high road. I know that if I say something, I'll explode. Everything that I've been keeping in about his betrayal will come out in front of the whole school. Not something I want. I turn the corner and walk straight into two of the people I've been avoiding.

Luke grabs my shoulders so I don't fall. What is it with me and almost falling today? I swear that I'm going to today now. "Hey, what's wrong?" Luke asks, concern written across his face.

"Nothing. Let go of me." I struggle in his grip until he does.

"We know Ashton said not to push it, but are you mad at us?" Michael asks.

"Yes." Great, now I need to come up with a reason. I hate it when I speak before I think.

"Can't you at least tell us?" Michael asks.

"For letting you in. For letting my walls down. For letting you trying to comfort me." I say.

I walk off and go to the library, something that always has a way to comfort me.


I hate gym. It's too much work to change. I hate teams sice I'm always last and people always argue about me. To be honest, I don't even want myself on a team. I'm the worst person on the team since I have no clue what I'm doing. Doesn't help that everyone gangs up on me.

"Look around to see who's open! Don't pass to someone who's covered!" The teacher yells. I groan. Of course. I'm always open, but no one passes to me. They'd rather risk it with the person that has people guarding them. I don't know why I bother.

"May I go to the bathroom?" I ask. "Girl stuff."

The teacher winces. "Of course." Best part of having a guy as a gym teacher right there. I go to the locker room and take deep breaths, trying to calm myself down. I hate this. I hate how my life is. I hate my parents, specifically my mom. I know she didn't do anything wrong and she couldn't take me due to money issues, but she's basically the only family I have.

I walk out and rejoin my team, a team that I bet didn't even miss me. Was I right? Yes.

Class ends and I change. Since teachers don't care if we leave early, I do. I wait outside of Ashton's class and he wraps his arm around me.

"Can we ditch?" I ask.

Ashton looks at me. He knows I do, but I never really invited him to come along.

"Sure. We get our stuff right?" He asks. I look at him.

"No, we're just going to leave it here for over a week." I deadpan. "Of course we're getting our things!"

We head to our lockers to get our things. Mae. How could I forget? I was supposed to meet her innour homeroom! I can't stand her up. There's only one thing left to do. Have her join.

"Ash, get Mae. I forgot she needed to tell me something." I say. Ashton nods and goes to find Mae.

I get my things and when the hallway's clear, I leave, heading for Ashton's car. Even though I know where he keeps his spare keys, I'm not that mean to just take his car to escape. Although, that does sound like a nice plan, I won't do that. For once, I wish I had a phone. My "car" only happened to be my dad's that I would take when I knew he was out of it. I hated to ride in it, let alone drive that thing and Calum knew it.

"There you are!" Mae calls. I look up and see her and Ashton jogging over.

"We were worried about you." Ashton says.

"Can we just go?" I ask. I hate staying here longer than I should and right now, it's been too long.

We get in and Ashton drives. We head to the diner in town and I insist for Mae to tell me what's going on, why she's been avoiding me.

"For starters, I'm not avoiding you and I'm not ending our friendship. That ship sailed when you told us and I missed it, so you're stuck with me." Mae says. She picks a fry up and dips it in her barbecue sauce. I hate that combination and she knows it. Barbecue potato chips I'm fine with, but not fries and barbecue sauce.

"Then what? Our distance is making it feel like we shouldn't be friends anymore." I say. "That isn't something I need right now."

"Like you, my parents divorced. I haven't seen my mom since I was ten. She found a better place to live and invited me to come live with her. I accepted the offer. Jas, I'm moving two weeks after your birthday." Mae says.

I look at her. No. I lost one friend to betrayal, I can't lose another to distance. Actual distance.

"No! You can't Mae! How will we talk? How will you comfort me?" I ask, my voice getting louder with each question. The few people that are in here look at us and for once, I don't care.

"Jas, we'll find a way. We can email and send letters to each other. Ashton will even let you use his phone." Mae says. I can't text either of them since I broke my broke my phone in an argument that was stupid. "It's not the end of the world. We will make it work. Trust me."

Trust me. Those two words pierce through me. "The last time someone said that was when I he did it for the last time. One week before my secret came out to the rest of the school. One week before I told you two." I say.

"Jas, I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"Don't you dare say you didn't know." I say. I stand up and walk out, trusting that one of them would pay. I take off at a run to the library which is five miles from here. Yeah, the diner is pretty isolated from the rest of the town.

I walk into the library, out of breath. Sherrie sees me and gets up.

"I heard about your dad. I was wondering when you'd stop by. Now, what's wrong Jas?" She asks. That's all I needed to hear before I spill.


I walk out to Ashton's car, my hair dripping wet from the pourong rain. After I told Sherrie and she gave me advice, she basically said that I have the two greatest people as my best friends. I thought about it and realized it as well. I do have the greatest friends. I called Ashton and he seemed worried, yet also excited that I'm alive. I was basically an idiot to insist that I'd be fine to wait outside which it was, until it decided to pour.

"You're soaking wet Jas. Why didn't you wait inside?" Ashton asks.

"I'm sorry for running out on you and Mae during lunch. I just hate it when people say sorry and that they didn't know." I say.

"Jas, it's okay. We're just glad that you're alright and that you're safe." He says. "Now, lets get you home and warm so you don't catch a cold or worse pneumonia." Ashton says. I nod and he turns the heat on to warm me up.

We get home and he wraps his coat around me so I don't get wet anymore. He opens the door and his dad looks up from the paper. He doesn't say anything about either of us being wet. I happen to be soaked to the bone from sitting outside the library.

I go upstairs, handing his jacket back, to change into sweats and an old t-shirt. I didn't really look at what I packed when I went back to get more, until now. A quarter of what my wardrobe consisted of was Calum's. Another quarter was Ashton's and another was Mae's. A quarter of my wardrobe was actually my clothing, not borrowed that I never gave back. This shirt that I just put on, happens to be Calum's. I take it off and put something on that was Ashton's. I quickly put my hair into a messy bun after wringing any extra water out. I head downstairs where Ashton and his parents are waiting for me.

I can tell that his mom's furious as well as his dad, but he's hiding his anger better. Just a little better though.

"They know we ditched and aren't happy about it." He whispers.

"I'm sorry Mr. and Mrs. Irwin. It was all my idea. I needed to escape and I knew Ashton would take me. I just wasn't thinking straight." I say quickly. I can't let Ashton get all the blame. What kind of friend would I be if I did that?

Anne nods at me, but doesn't say anything to me. "You should've declined! Don't you care what colleges would think? You may be a senior, but that doesn't mean you can skip school!" She yells. "As for your punishment, you're both grounded for one week. No friends over. No phone or tv either."

Ashton hangs his head. "Yes mom." He says.

"I really am sorry. I didn't mean to get him in trouble as well." I say.

"Go to your rooms. Dinner'll get sent up to you." Anne says. We nod and head upstairs.

"Don't Jas. It isn't your fault. I chose to go with you." Ashton says before I can even say anything.

I nod and walk into my room.

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